All Learning Involves Changing in Some Way

When I think of learning, I tend to naturally think of the brain. I am impressed with the brain’s incredible power for change. Some say infinite power for change. Certainly the neuro-scientists are surprising us nearly every day now, with revelations regarding the changes the brain makes when it is learning. And of course it is learning all the time. These brain scientists tell us that the “neuronal circuits” are developing new electrical pathways, which seems a somewhat familiar concept, somewhat analogous to a computer being able to do things differently when we add new software. However, the brain scientists are now telling us that the actual structure of the brain changes with new experiences. The actual structure of the brain itself changes. Think of it! Ongoing new experiences re-structure our brains in an ongoing process.

Makes you want to be more careful about what new experiences you are giving yourself, eh? If you are giving yourself non-helpful new experiences and this is helping re-structure your brain in negative ways, how is this going to help your future self?

On the other hand, if you are giving yourself (and others) helpful new experiences, this positive action will help your future self (and others) in ways you have not dreamed of . . . yet.

So let’s get on with “doing the right thing” and stop with the “self-destruct” button, eh?

Your brain will love you for it.

So will your friends.

Love and Blessings,


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