Anger Management at School, Home, Everywhere

A teacher wrote me asking for counsel on anger management for students in school, in the classroom and elsewhere. I responded with three different aspects relating to anger problems. I introduced the topic as follows and said I would follow up with him in my next post.

(1) Short-term Solutions for everybody.
Ideas and techniques and better ways to do things
about anger: “Get the Angries Out.”
Some tips and techniques showing how to do things
better, that will help a student (and teacher) to behave
better and get rid of anger. And to stop yelling, scolding,
blaming, and punishing, which may stop anger at the
moment and will not help the student when he or she
is on their own. I give you more information next post.
(2) Long-term solutions for schools, teachers, students.
Dr. Merrill Harmin’s book, “Strategies to Inspire Active
Learning” (2002) can be found in some school libraries
and is available on Every teacher should
have a copy of their own on their desk. It is a handbook
for daily use, not a theoretical textbook for future use.
If this book is read, studied and practiced (just a few
new strategies each week), great things do happen!
This is targeted to students becoming more involved
in their own learning, thus reducing boredom and apathy
and tending to produce fewer provocations for anger.
More detail in my next post.
(3)  Specific Anger Removal for Individuals (“Tapping”)
This “Tapping” is a method to practice
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
which is very effective for individuals who wish to learn how
to get rid of their own anger. Works for everybody: mothers,
fathers, teachers, counselors, children, students, etc.,anybody
who wants to learn how to get rid of their own anger. More in a
future blog post.
Doc Meek
South Jordan, Utah, USA; Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA

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