Anger management in schools

Needless to say, anger gets in the way of learning in schools, for the student in question, and also for other students. Teachers sometimes need help with anger management for themselves also. We all do, to some extent. I sent a teacher who asked me about anger management in his school the following:

Short-term Solutions for anger management for everybody. The website below reminds us that scolding and punishing the angry student may stop the student’s anger at the moment (if the student fears the person doing the punishing). However, the punishment or scolding or yelling does not teach the student anything about how to change himself or herself. He or she will just get angry again when the punishing person is not around.
We want to give students the ability and talent and tools to manage themselves, to control their own anger, when we are not with them, so that they can learn how to manage their emotions better by themselves, on their own, not just when we are there forcing them just to do what we say when we say it. This website gives you a start on what to do that is better than seemingly simple punishment:
You will notice that there are many other anger situations shown on this website too, not just for teachers and counselors.
There are suggestions for home, couples, etc., and many different situations and places. Good stuff.
There are many other helpful things to do in dealing with anger, whether in school, at home or in the community. We need to know how to manage our own anger as well. More in future posts.
Blessings, Doc Meek
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