Brain Health: The joy of learning to build!

“I Love Flying!” – Doc Meek

“Heads up with the next generation, eh?” – Lars Oyno, from Norway, a member of the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) Chapter 1410 in High River, Alberta, CANADA, built this aircraft. Photos from:

The joy of flight!

This article points to the joys of building your own aircraft and the joys of flying. However, the lesson for learning is that there is joy and brain health–and medical health to boot–in using our brain/heart/hands/hope combination in building anything our heart desires.

What simple things can you think of that you could build?

It doesn’t have to be expensive or hugely time consuming like building an aircraft.

It can be a simple joyful hobby that touches you in some special way, that has meaning for you no matter what others think.

The joy of service to others

Or it could be something as simple as spending time helping your neighbor, especially if they are getting older. They will love you forever! And you them!

Or spending time at a nearby nursing home, hospital, library or school, volunteering and helping out. They really need you, eh?

Reading to a child, or a classroom of children, is always valuable


Children in English-speaking countries learn many rhyming songs during their early years.

Here are some of the more well-known. Many are several hundred years old.

If you’re a teacher at school these rhymes work well in classes of younger children.

They can be sung or spoken. Click here to read some ideas on how to use

rhymes with children. Image and text from: …………………………………………………………

Education is serious business!” some say

Some teachers have told me that learning is a serious business–serious business of the mind–and should not be commingled with manual labor and mundane matters, and certainly not with foolishness.

My view is that, yes, learning can be considered as a “serious” business, and that it can still include¬† joyfulness, meaningfulness, and even foolishness.

Troubled brains that are not learning well can be calmed and encouraged by including cheerfulness and especially a little silliness and even goofiness in the “rules” for learning. It lightens their heavy load and gives them hope for their learning self!

Many a young student who has learned to hate learning–because of consistent failure with this “serious” business–can reconnect with the joy of learning by using my favorite definition of education, to wit, learning to connect the “4-H’s” of education: head/heart/hands/hope.


If we use all of these four of these important and powerful aspects of our mind, of our being if you like, we can learn more easily, remember longer, and keep on enjoying learning for the rest of our lives!

To the joys of building and lifelong love of learning!

Doc Meek, Wednesday, July 7, 2010, at Sherwood Park, Alberta, CANADA

P.S. In the “Head/Heart/Hands/Hope” equation for education, the “Hands” is a representation of our physical self, and includes the arms, feet, legs, and the entire body of course. Put your whole body into learning and you learn better, faster, longer, stronger! :o)

J Collins Meek, PhD
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