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Today I am grateful for Melissa Kelly, your Guide to Secondary Education, who sends me such useful newsletters, which I am happy to pass on to my readers. – Doc Meek, Monday, July 15, 2013, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA

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From Melissa Kelly, your Guide to Secondary Education
If you are interested getting involved in a career in education,
then check out this week’s newsletter. Here you can find a
number of careers that you can pursue with the goal of helping
 students succeed. Enjoy and have a great week!
Education Careers 

Teacher. Guidance Counselor. Media Specialist. Assistant Principal. These are
 just a few of the available education careers that can truly make a difference
in students’ lives. Each of these and the other careers listed here is quite
different in their duties and the temperament required for success. Read on
to learn more about careers in the field of education.
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What is a Teacher? 

Take a detailed look at the qualities and expectations for a teaching career.
What is a Guidance Counselor? 

Guidance counselors wear many hats. Their responsibilities can range from
helping students sign up for their classes to helping them deal with personal
issues. Find out more with this profile of a guidance counselor.
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What is a Principal? 

A principal is the leader of a school. Their main responsibility is that students
who attend their school achieve a quality education. To do this, they have to
manage the teachers, staff, facilities, and day-to-day operations of the school.

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