“Multiple vaccinations cause harm.” – Doc Meek

Grandmother and Grandchild

As a learning specialist, I have known for decades that too many vaccinations can cause serious harm, even brain damage, to babies and children.

When I tell Moms about serious potential harm, they do not find it easy to listen to me.

It isn’t the original concept of a single vaccination for one disease that causes the harm. The harm is caused by hazardous additives such as the preservatives mercury and formaldehyde and such as the adjuvant aluminum. All of these additives present the danger of brain damage, especially to young developing brains.

Plus a combined vaccination for more than one disease in a single shot can overstress the small develping body and brain, causing serious harm.

For documented proof that what I have been saying is true, copy the link below and paste into your browser search line/box (if that doesn’t work, and you get a black screen, click on the “Learn More” where it says that the video is unavailable).

“YOUR Children. YOUR Choice.” video link (copy/paste into browser line):


– Video posted on Facebook by GreenMedInfo

J Collins Meek PhD
Learning Specialist
August 22, 2019

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