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Of all the champions in the world, mothers are tops!

“Holy Moley,” as Captain Marvel used to exclaim in the comics of my youth.

Sunday again in Canada. How can it be Sunday again? It was just Sunday a couple of days ago, eh?

One day I showed up at a reunion event and my hair was combed straight back, instead of my usualĀ  parted version. My hair looked like a small field of grass, swept back by a mighty wind. Everyone kept asking, “How come your hair is flying straight back?”

“Because time is flying past like you wouldn’t believe!” šŸ˜®

So, speeding or not, “believer” or “non-believer,” Sunday can be a great gift for us all. Everybody.Ā  A philosophical Buddhist, a kind Muslim, a gentle Christian, a studious Jew, a meditative Existentialist, a thoughtful Secular Humanist, a contemplative Atheist, a generousĀ  Hindu, a gracious Baha’, a melodious Sufi, and everybody else, betwixt and between, among and beyond, and all whom I did not write in here at this particular moment in time. Let me know if I missed you and I’ll remember to include you next time, OK? All are welcome.

Especially Mothers, eh?

All are welcome to DSD.


Do Something Different.

DSD one day a week, not necessarily Sunday, the first day of the week. Pick any day. Your brain and your body need it.

Your brain will thank you forever if you DSD [is that Do Some Dancing? :o] once a week, and oftener throughout your workday world, just by grabbing small moments in time to give your brain the break it needs (however short) to do its best for you long-term.

Charter school champion with the light of his life: the mother of his children

Mothers are always the greatest champions in the world, wouldn’t you say?

I noticed in theĀ  The New York Times, May 6, 2010, that David Levin, educational administrator, teacher trainer, and “workaholic” [it takes one to know one, eh?] takes some time on Sundays to DSD.

This time with his family is not only precious, it vivifies and refreshes his brain (and heart and soul).

So remember to TST to DSD. Take Some Time to Do Something Different. Every week.

Photo: Michelle V. Agins/The New York Times

David Levin with his wife, Nikki Chase-Levin; their son, Max; and their dog, Athena, in Riverside Park.

David Levin, 40, co-founder of the celebrated KIPP charter school network and superintendent of KIPPā€™s New York City schools, works 75 to 90 hours a week training teachers, raising money and shuttling among six schools. Even Mr. Levinā€™s Saturdays tend to be consumed by KIPP, which stands for Knowledge is Power Program.

Sundays, though, are reserved for his wife, Nikki Chase-Levin, 38, a marketing consultant (they met speed-dating) and their 15-month-old son, Max. The family lives on the Upper West Side.

– Excerpt from from The New York Times story by Elissa Gootman, published May 6, 2020

Work, love, spend time with your family, eh!?

Blessings, Doc Meek, May 9, 2010, at Sherwood Park, Alberta, CANADA

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