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“A library is thought in cold storage.”- Penned by Herbert Samuel [Samual?]

Librarians’ duty was to guard the doors

I remember when I was in grade school, more than half a century ago now.

The librarians thought it was their duty to guard the doors to the library, lest the students get in, take books off the shelves, and damage them.

Nowadays, the doors are open and the books are often displayed in open racks, inviting students to pick them up. What a  nice change. “Books are to be read and enjoyed,” not guarded from overuse.

Picture from Shoemaker Elementary, Macungie, PA

And the computers are in the library as well. The internet has brought multiple, multiple libraries to the students’ fingertips (literally).

Some technical people have insisted numerous times that the day of the hard-copy book is dead and gone.

Somehow though, it persists, and will persist.

There is nothing like a good book in your hands to curl up with, like an old friend.

Curling up with a computer just does not have the same appeal. 😮

Besides you an go backwards and forwards in a book in a way you cannot on a computer, and mark special passages. Take anywhere. No electrical power source needed. At least in daylight. How about at night? Even a candle might be enough, eh? 😮

Enjoy real books, if you can.

They will always be here, and there.

To love.

To cherish.

To read.

To have.

To hold.


Sounds like a good marriage, doesn’t it? 😮

Perhaps it is.

Doc Meek, Friday, June 11, 2010

At Sherwood Park, Alberta, CANADA; not at South Jordan, Utah, USA

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