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Gratitude for a day of rest

Sunday, August 22, 2010, at Sherwood Park, Alberta, CANADA

Today I am grateful for a day of rest, and for learning minds such as Stephen Whitt’s, who finds wonder in the “commonplace” of every day:

“We all know that acorns grow into trees. But when they start, acorns are tiny, much smaller than the trees they will become. Where does all the “tree stuff” come from?

“The surprising answer is, trees are built mostly of air. A tree takes carbon dioxide out of the air, adds in hydrogen from water, a trace amount of other chemicals, and binds it all together with the energy of sunlight to build all the stuff that makes it a tree. A tree is a machine that turns air into tree!”

~ Stephen Whitt, from his blog:

Thank  you, Stephen, for reminding us that our sense of humility and wonder, if kept softly open, can be quietly learning, even on a day of rest and recharging of our batteries, so to speak. Our learning minds never stop learning and it is nice if we can gently aim them at inspring things of every day that give us hope and courage in a world that often needs all the hope and courage it can get.

Love and Blessings, Doc Meek, Sunday, August 22, 2010, at Sherwood Park, Alberta, CANADA

P.S. My wife Jeannette and I drove from Calgary, Alberta, to Sherwood Park, Alberta, to be with my Mom, who just celebrated her 92nd birthday on August 20. Wow. I hope I am still living at home and functioning mentally when I am 92 years old! Happy birthday, Mom!

Love, your oldest Son, Collins


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Sunday . . . a sunshine day? Maybe a family day?

No point in “saving the world” if I lose my own . . .

Photo from: “Sunshine Kids” (TM) [copy and paste the following website address into your web browser]:


Sunday . . . A sunshine day? Maybe a family day? Maybe a day of rest? Maybe a spiritual retreat from the work-a-day world?

On Sundays, I try to DSD.

DSD? Do Something Different . . .

Do Something Different that will enhance my life long-term and hopefully . . .  enhance the lives of others long-term. Even if “others” is one person. Even if that one person is a member of my own family.

After all, there is no point in “saving the world” if I lose my own . . . right?

Changing the world

I remember a short story from long ago. I don’t know who created it. It goes something like this (rough paraphrase):

I tried to change the world; they didn’t want to change.

I tried to change my country; no one would listen to me.

I tried to change my city; they were all too busy to change.

I tried to change the town I moved to; they were involved in their own affairs.

I tried to change my family; they were committed to their own life pathways.

I tried to change myself.

This was not easy.

It was all I could do . . . really.

And that has made all the difference.* 😮

Where have I heard that before?

*This last line sounds remarkably like the last line of the poem entitled, “Two Roads Diverged in a Yellow Wood,” by Robert Frost. I’ll check this out. Did it. That last line is exactly like the last line of Robert Frost’s poem, actually entitled “The Road Not Taken” The title I just gave is the first line of Frost’s poem. Photo below from “China Daily” website, which includes the full poem by Robert Frost; URL:…/content_619076_2.htm

See  full size image

See full size image

Image may be subject to copyright.

Image & Frost’s poem at:…/content_619076_2.htm


The Poet Robert Frost Reminds me of my son Robert

My son Robert is one of the great men in my life. He wrote poetry in his youth and did take the path less traveled by.

Love, Blessings and Friendship, Doc Meek, Sunday, June 13, 2010

At Sherwood Park, Alberta, CANADA; not at South Jordan, Utah, USA

P.S. DSD today? [Do Something Different today?]

Read or write a poem? Take a path less traveled by?

And also do something familiar, for continuity. 😮

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