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“Plastic good for the brain? What?” ~ Doc Meek


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Friday, April 15, 2011. Today I am grateful to know that we humans can grow new neurons throughout life, contrary to all previous teachings. ~ Doc Meek

Why Plastic is Good for Your Brain, by Dr. Dharma
Dear Friend,
There are at least two images conjured up in your mind when you hear the word
The first could be your credit card and that’s, of course, priceless.
If you’re a movie buff then when you hear the word “plastic” perhaps you
remember the movie called The Graduate. It was Dustin Hoffman’s first big roll.
In the film, a business man tells the character Mr. Hoffman is playing that the
secret to success will be, “plastics.”
Recently modern medical research, including my own, has revealed that to be true.
But it’s a different kind of plastic.
And like the credit card that you see on TV, it really is priceless.
What I’m talking about is the idea that your brain is plastic.
What I mean by that is that your brain can change. It’s malleable.
It can change for the better. It can get younger. Your brain can even regenerate
itself and grow new brain cells. This is called neuro-genesis or plasticity.
I’ve been writing about this since 1995 and it played an important role in my
groundbreaking book, Brain Longevity.
Of course your brain can rapidly age, too. It just depends on what you do to it and
for it.
Here are 3 proven scientific ways you can use this notion of a plastic brain to your
1. Exercise your body: Research, some of it recent and some long standing, reveals
that exercise does more than build muscles and help prevent hear disease. Science
shows that it also boosts brain power—and offers hope in the battle against
2. Exercise Your Mind: Mental exercise, different than your work, can prevent
Alzheimer’s disease by a whopping 70%.
3. The final way I’m going to mention in this edition of The Healing Minute is
Mind/Body exercise. This is the least researched and discussed by conventional
medical doctors, but is my main area of expertise along with the overall concept of
the prevention and reversal of memory loss and boosting your brain power now so
you don’t lose it later.
As I’ve been sharing on these pages recently, my own ongoing cutting-edge
research at The University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine’s Center for
Spirituality and The Mind reveals that the brain can be changed positively in only 12
minutes. This is extremely significant because older research showed it took as long
as 1 hour to create these same incredibly obvious therapeutic and curative
This is definitely undeniable healing in action.
So remember, the combination of physical, mental, and mind/body excercise can
make you smarter and younger.
You can grow new brain cells. Your brain can run faster and with more efficiency.
And without a doubt, the combination of these big three types of exercise,
especially when used together with my Longevity Line of Supplements can stave off
Alzheimer’s disease, ADHD, and other cognitive disorders.
So remember, no matter what your age or stage of life you can build and rebuild a
strong, active mind. And without a doubt, that’s definitely priceless.
Best of Blessings,
Dr. Dharma
Thank you, Dr. Dharma, for your willingness to share your brain knowledge!
Doc Meek, Fri, Apr 15, 2011, Sherwood Park, Alberta, CANADA

“Brain Longevity.” ~ Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D.

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Friday, April 1, 2011. Today I am grateful for those who help us help our brains to work better. Such a one is Dharma Singh Khalsa, MD.

Brain Longevity: The Breakthrough Medical Program that Improves Your Mind and Memory

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By Dharma Singh Khalsa, MD, with Cameron Stauth; (30 customer reviews)

5 out of 5 stars Exciting book, readable, full of information
While most of us are losing our minds (literally cell by cell), some people are razor sharp well into their nineties. Is this just heredity or good luck, or is there something we can do to keep our mind and memory from going the way of Alzheimer’s? Dr. Khalsa thinks so. In fact he presents quite a program for rejuvenation. The question is, does he have the goods in this book to help YOU?

Published on December 29, 2004 by Dennis Littrell
Thank you, Dr Dharma Singh Khalsa, for helping us help our brains to last longer!
Doc Meek, Fri, Apr 1, 2011, Sherwood Park, Alberta, CANADA
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