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“I am grateful for women everywhere.” – Doc Meek

Today I am full of gratitude for women and mothers and grandmothers everywhere. They make the world work. I am also grateful for Janelle Cox, Elementary Education Guide, for her back-to-school guest newsletter below. 

– Doc Meek, Mon, Aug 26, 2013, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA

Grandmother and GrandchildGrandmother and Grandchild……………………………………….

Elementary Education Teaching 101 Lesson Plans Back to School
From Janelle Cox, your Guide to Elementary Education
It’s back to school time! This week learn the 10 most popular back-to-school books, along with the 10 most popular back-to-school resources. Plus: bulletin board ideas! Want more from K6educators? “Like” me on Facebook and Twitter, and check out my boards onPinterest.
10 Popular Back-to-School Books 

Help ease those first day jitters by reading students a few back-to-school books. Here I have selected the top 10 books to read to students during the first few weeks… Read more
Top 10 Most Popular Back-to-School Resources 

Browse our top 10 most popular Back-to-School resources. Here you will learn how to write a student welcome letter, conduct the first day of school, create procedures and routines that… Read more
Creative Bulletin Board Ideas 

Bulletin boards are a fun, attractive way to educate or display students work. Whether your creating a seasonal board, teaching board or birthday board, it’s a fun way to… Read more
Lesson Plans and Activities 

Lesson Plans are the bread and butter of teaching. Here, you can get ideas and inspiration that you can take into the classroom and use as early as tomorrow.

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“Elementary Education Tips” – Beth Lewis

Tuesday, December 7, 2010. Today I am grateful for Beth Lewis who is a teacher’s teacher, so to speak. 😮

Today I received a newsletter from Beth Lewis from

 Elementary Education
Elementary Education, Teaching 101, Student Discipline, Lesson Plans
 From Beth Lewis, your Guide to Elementary Education
It’s Hanukkah this week. Don’t worry about the right way to spell it; just grab one of the easy lesson ideas below and make it your own. Happy Holidays! ~Beth
Hanukkah Lessons

Hanukkah starts early this year (tonight!) so it may seem to have sneaked up on you. But don’t worry – the entire month of December is a fine time to… Read more

Blank Lesson Plan Template

Handy, simple, ready-to-use. Print out this blank lesson plan template and you’re ready to design an effective lesson for your students…. Read more
See More About:  writing lesson plans  professional development  student teaching

Behavior Contracts for Challenging Students

If you find yourself nearing the end of your rope with a particular student, I highly recommend implementing a behavior contract with him or her. Also include the parents, for maximum positive punch. You’ll feel so much better when you take proactive control…. Read more
See More About:  behavior contracts  student discipline strategies  behavior management

Assessment and Testing

You can’t teach your students unless you first assess exactly where they are and what they’re developmentally ready to learn. These resources will help make your assessment tasks easier and more effective.

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Beth Lewis
Elementary Education Guide
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Thank you, Beth Lewis, for helping teachers and students alike!

Doc Meek, Tuesday, December 7, 2010, at Nose Hill Public Library, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA

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