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“Smog” we know, but “electrosmog?”

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“Smog” we know, but


Our modern culture has come to know that we have to watch for biohazards in our food and drink. We have also learned that if airborne contaminants become too concentrated we can suffer from health-hazardous smog when we breathe.

Apparently the word “smog” was invented to denote a bad combination of smoke and fog.

The word “electrosmog” is a non-sequitur because it cannot possibly denote a bad combination of electromagnetic radiation (EMR), smoke, and fog.

However, “electrosmog” does connote a bad combination of EMR (electromagnetic radiation) and the human brain.

The “smog” part of the word “electrosmog” conjures up in our minds a serious biohazard.

And EMR (electromagnetic radiation) is definitely a biohazard.

EMR is especially hazardous to the human brain, especially the student brain, the learning brain.

However, no one wants to talk about it, it seems.

The wife of a friend of mine says that it is OK to talk about biochemical hazards and toxic chemicals because we are all familiar with the territory, but talking about the effects of electricity being hazardous (aside from being shocked of course) is “weird.”

“Leave it alone,” she advises.

Enter Environmental Medicine

A colleague of mine, an MD with a Board-Certified specialty in Environmental Medicine, related a tough case he faced recently.

A teenage boy (let’s call him Harold) was brought in by his parents because he had changed from being a successful outgoing high school student into a paranoid psychotic psychiatric case in the course of only a few months.

Harold had been placed on several prescribed drugs in an attempt to control his symptoms, and was now not only “zombied out” on this drug cocktail, but was still paranoid, psychotic, socially isolated, and hostile when approached in his bedroom “hideout.”

Harold was no longer able to attend school, and his psychiatrist pronounced a dismal prognosis: Harold was likely a permanent psychiatric case and would have to be on drugs for the rest of his life.

Alarmed, the parents felt that “something” had caused Harold’s decline and they were determined to ferret out the cause.

The environmental medicine specialist tested for “everything under the sun” and could find no cause in relation to possible toxins in Harold’s food, water, or air. Neither could the doctor find any nutrient or micronutrient deficiencies in Harold’s body or brain.

Aside from the prescribed drugs, Harold was found to be free of toxins and deficiencies. All the biological and biochemical tests came back in the normal range.

What about EMR (electromagnetic radiation)?

The doctor knew from previous experience that electronic equipment of all kinds can be a cause of brain malfunction, so all of the computers, cell phones, cordless phones, video games, etc., were cleared out of Harold’s bedroom and placed in a separate study room, far removed from the bedroom.

And Harold’s time with all of this electronic equipment was limited so his brain would have a chance to heal.

No improvement.

Mystified, the good doctor took his EMR-detection equipment to the boy’s home and scanned the bedroom. Nothing. All of the electronics had been removed, so theoretically, no EMR. Right?

Suddenly, at the head of the bed, right where Harold’s head would rest on his pillow at night, or whenever he napped throughout the day, the EMR metre shot sky high.

But there was nothing there. No electronics. No electrical equipment of any kind. Not even a clock radio.

It took quite awhile to figure out that just outside the bedroom wall where Harold’s head rested fitfully every night was the heavy-duty main mast and conduit for all of the electricity that entered the house from the power pole nearby in the alley.

EMR to the max.

No one had suspected of course.

Harold’s Brain is Moved Away from the EMR Danger

Harold’s bed was placed in the spare bedroom, far removed from the main electric power mast against the outside of the house, and far removed from all of the electronics in the study room.

Would it surprise you to learn that Harold quickly began to return to the boy he once was?

Off his heavy-duty psychiatric drugs now, Harold once again became the successful and outgoing student he was before he began to sleep in the bed with his head next to the power mast on the outside of his bedroom wall.


Sometimes professionals have to act more like Sherlock Holmes–the brilliant and famous detective—than to stay within their usual selves in their own areas of expertise.


Doc Meek, Neurological Learning Specialist, Sherwood Park, Alberta, CANADA, Wed, May 7, 2014

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“Technological marvels can be hazardous to human health.” ~ Doc Meek

Wednesday, January 26, 2011. I am grateful that someone made me aware, at the last minute, that the Edmonton Public School Board was addressing a “WiFi Motion” at their meeting last evening, January 25, 2011. Thanks to the Board Secretary, I was able to forward to the Trustees a quickly-drafted “one-pager” brief on the subject of reliance on Health Canada and the World Health Organization for safety standards relative to WiFi (WiFi is a trademark of the WiFi Alliance).

The WiFi Alliance Sponsor Companies

For a complete and lengthy list of member companies of the WiFi Alliance, see:

Texas Instruments
Atheros Communications
Cisco Systems
Sony Corp.
Motorola Inc
Broadcom Corporation
T-Mobile, USA Inc.

All company images above from:

WiFi Motion at Edmonton Public School Board Meeting, Jan 25, 2011

(A “one-pager” brief similar to the following was emailed to the Trustees the day before their Jan 25th meeting)

“A brief introduction: I am a learning specialist, not a medical specialist. I have been in private practice for many years, encouraging students, parents, teachers and educational administrators to utilize strategies that help to overcome learning difficulties.

“The Board’s WiFi motion (WiFi is a trademark of the WiFi Alliance) proposes to rely upon Health Canada and the World Health Organization for safety standards relative to the installation of wireless devices in schools. Trustees should consider broadening this WiFi motion, slightly and vitally. It would be prudent, I think, to include in the motion reference to other solid research data, in addition to that adduced by Health Canada and the World Health Organization (WHO). Published standards by such large organizations have a tendency to lag behind solid research.

“Further, much of the well-publicized research upon which Health Canada and WHO rely is industry-funded research, and there is a tendency for such studies to find no harm in the devices which industry produces. This is a natural sequence of events. No organization wants to undermine its own means of existence and we can’t fault them on that.

“What we can do is protect the health of students by the inclusion in the WiFi motion of reference to additional independent solid and reliable research.

“Many of you may recall that decades ago a very convenient and useful technology was introduced into shoe stores. People could place their feet in a slot at the bottom of the machine and see their toes wriggling in a pair of new shoes, to see for certain if the fit of the shoe was good. This seemed to be a great and convenient technological aid, at the time.

“Experts assured us that these fluoroscopy machines were perfectly safe. The subsequent rise in cancer rates came as an unpleasant surprise, because it was not generally perceived, at that time, that such ionizing radiation presented a serious health hazard.

“Independent and reliable research is now cautioning us that even non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation (EMR), such as that emitted by numerous wireless devices now in common use in homes, schools and workplaces, presents serious health hazards.

“One man wryly noted that they don’t call WiFi “hot spots” for nothing.

“We need to pay attention to this vital knowledge, ahead of time, not after the fact.

“Central nervous system disturbances caused by non-ionizing EMR (electromagnetic radiation) have been documented, in addition to other kinds of human cellular damage.

“In other words, EMR (electromagnetic radiation) impacts the child’s brain cells negatively.

“In my many years of working as a learning specialist with children with learning difficulties, I have learned that non-ionizing EMR (electromagnetic radiation) damages the brain’s capacity for learning.

“Would it not be the height of irony for schools to install great and convenient technological learning aids that damage the child’s capacity to learn?”

–  J. Collins Meek, Ph.D.

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The Trustees voted 6 to 3 to continue to rely on Health Canada and WHO for safety standards for students, thus guaranteeing that students in schools where WiFi is installed will be bathed all day in health-hazardous non-ionizing EMR (electromagnetic radiation).

Not prudent, in my view.

Doc Meek, Wednesday, January 26, 2011, Sherwood Park, Alberta, CANADA

“Commonplace radiation hurts babies and learning.” – Doc Meek

Wednesday, December 15, 2010. Today I am grateful for the courage of scientists and others who are willing to raise the flag of warning about hazards to learning and health that are generally ignored–or even resisted–in our Western  industrialized culture.

When issues of economics collide with solid science, the public is encouraged to doubt or dismiss the “unproven” claims legitimate scientists and others make. Tobacco is the classic case. Remember when “9 out of 10 doctors recommend Camels cigarettes” was the order of the day? It took 40 years to refute that “junk science” recommendation.
Today we face electromagnetic radiation (EMR) in our daily lives, and it is affecting our health and, in particular, the learning capability of our children. Examples that are dismissed–and are harmful–are cell phones, cordless phones, wireless computer networks, hair dryers, clock radios by the bedside, and on and on.
These all interfere with human cell signalling in varying ways (depending on the frequency of the EMR). These everday devices hurt the developing brains of babies and young children, prevent babies and children from being at their best for learning, and create downstream health and learning issues for everyone.
We all seem to be pretending that those who warn of the dangers of EMR are the problem, not the actual radiation frequencies themselves. “Kill the messenger of unwanted news” has ever been the cry of the ignorant and/or the insecure, not to mention those who benefit economically from the specific hazardous product or process.
Thank you, David Michaels, for your courage in “calling a spade a spade” and your willingness to stand behind legitimate scientific truth!
Doc Meek, Wednesday, December 15, 2010, at Strathcona Public Library, Sherwood Park, Alberta, CANADA

J. Collins Meek, Ph.D. (Doc Meek)
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