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“Young and Free” ~ Cheryl & Servus Credit Union


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Tuesday, April 26, 2011. Today I am delighted to discover “Young and Free,” a program brilliantly created and developed to involve youth interactively in learning how money is managed in our society, and how to manage their own money more intelligently. Brilliant! ~ Doc Meek

Here is the invitation for young adults (17-25) to apply for this 2011 year, deadlined May 2.

However, remember, this is an annual contest, so you can always prepare ahead of time for next year, eh? Great learning experience to plan ahead, to actually do concrete things to prepare ahead of time. Beat the crowd for next year! 😮

“Are you between 17 and 25 years old and living in Alberta? Do you want the Young & Free Alberta Spokester title for a full year and a competitive annual salary? If you answered yes, this opportunity is for you!

“No cue cards. No scripts. Just you, being yourself, speaking for us, Servus Credit Union. Create a buzz, get people talking and take home big bucks.”

Click on this link, scroll down a little, and see the neat video on the “2011 Young and Free Spokester Search” video:

Thank you, Cheryl Wiens*, for interacting with youth in positive ways that encourage them to learn to help themselves in positive ways!

Doc Meek, Tues, Apr 26, 2011, Sherwood Park, Alberta, CANADA


*In addition to being the host of the Living Young & Free Show, Cheryl Wiens is the designated contact for all of the “Young and Free” applicants during the search phase. Send her an e-mail at as she has all the answers! Also, feel free to add Cheryl as a friend on Facebook.

I sent Cheryl an email congratulating her on her good work.

I also asked Cheryl if we could have, in addition to her “Living Young & Free Show,” a “Living Old & Free Show?” 😮

To see entertaining and educational episodes of Cheryl’s “Living Young and Free Show,” click on:

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