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Poorest villagers improve food, water, education

Global Hope Network International
To visit GHNI’s website, click on this link: Global Hope Network International

We at THE LEARNING CLINIC WORLDWIDE are so grateful for the Global Hope Network International (GHNI) and their work with the poorest of the poor in rural villages in developing countries worldwide.

At THE LEARNING CLINIC WORLDWIDE we have always stressed the importance of HOPE, as we have taught that real learning involves the connection of the “4-H’s” of education:  HEAD/HEART/HANDS/HOPE.

The Global Hope people inspire HOPE in the rural village poor by helping to bring transformational community development (local leadership ownership) forward on four fronts:

(1) Agricultural improvements (healthy food for families, and income from good “cash” crops for market)

(2) Clean water

(3) Wellness

(4) Education

Why focus on the village poor?

Hal Jones, President of GHNI, answers this question by letting us know that “75% of the world’s poor live in rural areas of developing countries” [from World Bank report] and that “the most effective way to raise the income of the poor is through agriculture.”

To read all of Hal Jones very short and enlightening letter, click on the following 2 links:

GLOBAL HOPE for village poor part 1

GLOBAL HOPE for village poor part 2

We at THE LEARNING CLINIC WORLDWIDE are grateful that in Canada and the US we are blessed with so much abundance, and that we are better equipped to help our rural poor, and our urban poor.

To Abundance for All!

Doc Meek, Monday, August 2, 2010, at South Jordan, Utah, USA ————————

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