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” . . . you are on sacred ground.” – Louise Meek

Wednesday, August 11, 2010. Today I am grateful for the variety in Nature, the lovely variety.

Wet beach pebbles April 2006
The individual pebbles include pale limestone and green serpentines

When my wife Jeannette and I were walking on the beach at Waterton Lake recently, the many little pebbles reminded me of what my friend suggested to me.

My friend suggested that I carry a special small stone in my pocket. He said that I could carry it with me everywhere and whenever I put my hand in my pocket and felt this little round stone, I could think of something for which I was grateful at that moment.

I am doing this and two things surprised me:

(1) It lifted my spirits to be reminded in this gentle way of those things for which I am grateful, and

(2) It reminded me of my maternal grandmother, who lived a great life and passed on at age 98. Usually I think of her rarely, and it surprised me that my “pocket touchstone” reminded me of her “for no reason.”

Perhaps stones and maternal grandmothers both age gracefully? šŸ˜®

“Every time an old person dies, it is like a library burning down.” –Ā Rick Steber (author)

True. And my grandmother did tell us some great stories about her life. Hopefully I will be able to write an article about her in a future post.

One thing my Mother, Louise Meek,Ā passed on to me was this admonition, which I have tried to live:

“Whenever you are discussing someone else’s religion or culture, remember you are on sacred ground; take off your shoes and walk softly.”

Thank you, Mom!

Doc Meek, Wednesday, August 11, 2010, at Nose Hill Public Library in Calgary, Alberta, CANADA

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