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November is Aviation Month! ~ Doc Meek (the “flying nut”)

Sunday, November 20, 2011. Today I am grateful to learn that November is National Aviation Month in the USA. Here I am, a “flying nut,” and I didn’t even remember that. My trusty colleagues at reminded me. ~ Doc Meek

1997 LEARJET 60 96 US $2,995,000 CA
1997 LEARJET 60 For Sale – $2,995,000, N603SC; 5503 TT; New interior was completed in 2006, The entertainment system Airshow Genesys with DVD/CD with one flat screens, Operated part 135/91.
SP Aviation Inc
Phone: (510)812-9927
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Fax: (510)783-3587
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Dear Santa,

I know it’s a little early to be writing to you.

However, I thought it might be worth alerting you ahead of time on one of my smaller wishes.

See, I’m a simple man with simple tastes. I don’t much care what kind of car I drive, and I do not have any overweening ambitions to be rich or anything like that.

All I want for Christmas is a simple little Lear Jet, OK?

Are you able to accommodate a humble wish like that?


Doc Meek

P.S. Maybe you could lend me a million dollars as a down payment on a Lear Jet if you feel my wish competes with other people’s requests for flying machines (like sleighs–with or without reindeer)?

P.S.S. I help kids overcome learning difficulties of all kinds. Does that count in terms of you listing me as a good boy?

I had serious learning problems at first when I tried to learn to fly. Trying to drive the aircraft in 3-D space (maybe infinite-D space?) was not easy compared to driving a car in 2-D on the ground, eh? No fear. I got it in time. That’s what I tell the kids: “No matter what you are facing, you will get it in time. Look what Santa learned to do. What if you’re smarter than you think?”

Ho, Ho, Ho!

Doc Meek, Sun, Nov 20, 2011, Sherwood Park, Alberta, CANADA

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