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“Learning internal happiness.” ~ Doc Meek

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011. Today I am grateful for those who teach us how to be happy internally no matter what our circumstances are in life. Such a one is Dr. Robert Henry Schwenk. ~ Doc Meek

*** Article: Be Secretly Happy No Matter What Is Happening in Your Life – By Dr Robert Henry Schwenk ***

Can you keep a secret? I mean, can you keep a really, really significant secret? If you can, then you have a big head start on holding yourself happy.

Tragedies of many “degrees” occur all the time. Happenings occur that are way beyond your control. How do you keep going?

Steve came through the door of my office looking as though he had been run over by a pickup truck and left for dead. He was literally dirty, clothes torn, blood dripping from his left nostril.

“What hit you?” was all I could manage.

“I just got mugged down town on my way to see you. That’s way it been going these last several weeks,” Steve said. (Not his real name.) “My life is a mess. I jammed up and my wife left me and took the kids. I was laid off the job that I had for 17 years. My mother died two weeks ago. Father was already gone. I am about to have my house foreclosed. I am just not happy.”

Pardon me, but I almost laughed when he said, “I am just not happy.” I managed to stifle the impulse, however. Steve didn’t say that to be humorous. He said it because it tallied up his entire life at that moment.

To read the rest of the story, see my P.S. below. – Doc Meek

Thank you, Robert Henry Schwenk, for teaching us the difference between external circumstances (over which we often have no control) and our internal life (over which we ultimately have great control, if we learn how)!

Doc Meek, Tues, Feb 22, 2011, Sherwood Park, Alberta, CANADA

P.S. The continuation of Dr. Schwenk’s article about being “secretly happy” (commenced above):

*** Article (continued) : Be Secretly Happy No Matter What Is Happening in Your Life – By Dr Robert Henry Schwenk ***

We went to the restroom across from my office and got the bleeding stopped and his face clean. Then back to my office so we could talk. He told me the usual tale of how he had been raised to believe if he just had the right stuff, the correct job, lived in the proper neighborhood, drove a certain car, he would be happy. Instead, all these, plus his family, were gone in a few weeks time.

I said, “I’ll teach you a confidential way. It won’t heal your problems, but it will help you contend with them. Can you keep a secret?” I am sure this sounded much too light for him, but he was game for anything at that point.

I told him happiness resided on his inside, not his outside. I said to him that I was not making light of his circumstances, but the secret was he could be happy even in the midst of great discomfort or tragedy. He could always be happy if he remembered this secret and applied it in every circumstance.

“You have seen, unfortunately, first hand, that depending on outward situations does not bring happiness,” I said. “You need to develop an inward hidey-hole, an escape-room, where your happiness is locked away. Then nothing can ruin you.”

I told him all he had to do to have and keep this escape-room was to determine it was so. Decide that at the Core of the Universe, and therefore his own core, there was deep, profound and eternal Harmoniousness that nothing could trouble or destroy. He needed to latch onto that Harmony by being making contact with the Harmony daily. Taking just a few moments in a day to deeply center in on being happy on the interior. That he needed to see this happiness sending out rays to range over all possibilities.

Is there such a place within each of us? Oh, yes. Make no mistake, we are hardwired to the Core of Harmony of the Universe.

So, I told Steve, the world can be falling apart around us, yet we can remain enveloped in our happiness. Not as a means of permanent retreat from the substantial world. But as a place of evacuation where we can refresh our spirits and reach our strength for the disturbances in life. Steve left my office a little bit better off than when he appeared dirty and bleeding. As I communicated with him over the weeks to come, he was feeling much better about himself and his world.

You, too, can feel much better when you evolve and hold this secret base of happiness within you. It takes just a few minutes each day to retreat to this site of safety, to reequip yourself for whatever is happening in your corporal world. Does it solve problems? No. But it surely helps you contend with them. Decide now, right now, that you have this secret of happiness within you.

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