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“Reading tape put me to sleep!” – Doc Meek

Friday, May 10, 2013. Today I am grateful for friends who are OK with me making suggestions for them (even if they are not able to use them!). 😮  – Doc Meek

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Letter to a friend:

Hi D,

I’m sorry you are having trouble sleeping at night.

Pills are probably not a good idea long term.

If exercise is not possible for you, listening to CDs might be.
There are all kinds of “approaching sleep” CDs that people
listen to at bedtime to help their minds shift from daytime
active to nighttime rest.
I’m not using them right now. I’ve used them in the past, quite
successfully, although you have to keep trying to find the ones
that help you (in contrast to what may work for others). For
example, some have sounds of nature on them (a gentle brook,
birds warbling, or seashore sounds, whatever). Works like a
charm for some, and doesn’t work well for others.
Some CDs are simply gentle music. Perfect for some and not
perfect for others. All kinds of music available designed to
help you drift off peaceably.
Some CDs have 2 tracks, and must be listened to with stereo
headphones. One track (the left ear) has outputs designed for
the right hemisphere, and the other track (the right earphone)
has sounds designed for the left hemisphere. This is a very
powerful non-drug sleep aid for many people.
For others, the fact that the tracks are different confuses them
at first because they are trying to “keep track” of both tracks
at the same time and this is impossible. When they finally just
attend to one track (the other goes into the brain anyway, even
if they are not attending to it), it works OK.
Even better, when the person just “gives up” trying to keep track
of the different tracks and just “zones out” it works like a charm
because the good stuff goes in without them attending , which is
the whole point, and the real value, of such approaches.
For me, there was a “joke” on me in one case. The very best tape
I found was one designed to help me improve my reading speed.
It helped me read all right, and it “put me away” at night better
than any sleep tape I tried. 😮
Philios, Doc
Fri, May 10, 2013, Sherwood Park, Alberta, CANADA
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