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“Grab onto the attitude of gratitude!” – Doc Meek

Thursday, September 16, 2010. I am not only grateful to Mike Berry [DynamicMike] for these images and text, I am deeply indebted.
Look at the kids’ smiles!!!

The next time you’re in a bad mood …. maybe you need to remember this  one. Your  attitude toward life defines not only who you  are, but the quality of life you will have.

~ Mike Berry [DynamicMike]

Images from Mike Berry [DynamicMike]:

Could Your Attitude Be Affecting Your Outlook?

Thank you, Mike Berry!

Doc Meek, Thurs, Sept 16, 2010, at Sherwood Park, Alberta, CANADA

J. Collins Meek, Ph.D. (Doc Meek)
“What if you are smarter than you think?”
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(Intro) Learning to run our brain: 10 minutes daily

This is the introduction to a series of seven (7) articles on how to have fun learning to run (manage) our very own brain, more easily. This is a good idea, right? 😮

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The “10 minutes a day” model

Just 10 minutes each day can produce miracles.

An hour or two on the weekend will NOT get the job done. 😮

Especially for kids.

Especially for kids with a short attention span (that’s all kids). 😮

And all adults too, in our “sound bite” over-scheduled culture, eh? 😮

Here are the topics I hope to start exploring in these upcoming seven (7) articles:

(1) Let’s look first at fear of failure

(2) Now let’s look at the vital need for hope

(3) What are the qualifications for your “brain coach?”

(4) Simple easy examples of how to proceed

(Hint: When teaching a child how to spell, use words like “smart” and “quick,” not words like “stupid” and “slow.”)

(5) “The eyes don’t see–the brain sees; the ears don’t hear–the brain hears.” – Doc Meek

(6) The role of the “back 90″and the “front 10”

(7) Where do the mothers come in?

Let’s hear it for the mothers!

Without them, the whole world of humankind would quickly fall apart.

Let’s face it, without them, there wouldn’t be any world of humankind. 😮

Doc Meek, Friday, June 25, 2010, Sherwood Park, Alberta, CANADA

“What if you are smarter than you think?”

J. Collins Meek, Ph.D. (Doc Meek)
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