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“Doctor, lawyer, pilot.” – Kathy Calvin, UN Girl UP Campaign

“Today I am full of gratitude for those who make it more possible for girls the world over to receive a proper education.”

– Doc Meek, Fri, Aug 23, 2013, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA


Girl UpDoctor. Lawyer. Pilot. These were the dreams of young girls I met when I traveled to Liberia with the United Nations Foundation’s Girl Up campaign.These girls are full of potential, but poverty often works against them.  Many families can’t afford the school supplies and uniforms they need to send their daughters to school.  In fact, 40 percent of girls in Liberia 10-14 years of age have never received a formal education.Every girl deserves an education and the chance to follow her dreams.  As students in the U.S. return to class, will you help girls in Liberia do the same? Donate $10 by August 31 to help girls in Liberia get an education.

With support of people like you, Girl Up and the United Nations launched a program in Liberia in 2011 to provide adolescent girls with school supplies, basic literacy and math classes, skills training, and more.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 by August 31 so more girls in Liberia can receive these vital services.  Will you help us by donating $10 today?

Educating girls benefits us all: When a girl is educated, she can earn more, helping lift her family out of poverty, boosting her country’s economic growth, and contributing to a more stable and prosperous world.

It’s simple: Educating a girl can change her life and change our world.  Join me today in helping girls in Liberia get an education and pursue their dreams.

Thank you,

Kathy Calvin
President and CEO, United Nations Foundation
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“Learn about GIRL UP from Gina.” ~ Doc Meek



I’m 16 years old. She’s 14. My name is Karina. Her name is Massa. I live in Carpinteria, California. She lives in Todee, Liberia. We’re half a world away and our lives are dramatically different, but we’re both girls who have our entire futures before us. READ MORE

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Monday, March 28, 2011. Today I am grateful for the Girl Up campaign by the United Nations Foundation. – Doc Meek

GilrUp | Uniting Girls to Change the World


See “Girl Up” video by Gina Reiss-Wilchins, Director of “Girl Up,” on YouTube:

Hi Doc Meek,

It’s taken me a few weeks to settle in at the UN Foundation, and now it’s finally time to introduce myself to you — I’m Gina, the new Girl Up Campaign Director! From the moment I heard about Girl Up and the amazing things you all are doing to unite for girls around the world, I was hooked and knew this was the job for me. Of course my 4-year-old daughter Dylan had to approve of the choice too, as you’ll see in the video below.

Girls across the world have dreams and goals just like my daughter does here in America. They want to go to school, be safe, stay healthy, and have a chance to grow up and be whatever they want to be. I am so excited to bring my experience and passion for empowering girls to Girl Up — I can’t wait to unite with YOU to build a generation of global leaders and philanthro-teens, all working to create a better world with the United Nations.

You’ve all done such inspiring work already, and I’m looking forward to the rest of 2011 and beyond with the Girl Up and UN Foundation teams, our Teen Advisors, Champions, partners, and YOU!

Thank you,

Gina Reiss-Wilchins, Director of Girl Up

P.S. I’d love to hear from you about how you’re supporting Girl Up and your ideas to make the campaign even better for you – send me an email or write me a note on the Girl Up Facebook page!


I did send Gina Reiss-Wilchins an email:

“Gina Reiss-Wilchins, Director of Girl Up” <>

Dear Gina,

I am delighted that you are promoting the “Girl Up”program.

I am delighted to be putting up “Girl Up” information on my blog website:

You can click on the specific post by title hereunder:

“Learn about GIRL UP from Gina.” ~ Doc Meek

This is the second posting of Girl Up on THE LEARNING CLINIC WORLDWIDE blog. Here is the first posting by title:

“Learn ‘Girl Up’ by the UN Foundation.” ~ Doc Meek

Blessings and Gratitudes,

Doc Meek

P.S. We all love seeing your 4-year old daughter Dylan on YouTube with you!

Doc Meek, Mon, Mar 28, 2011, Sherwood Park, Alberta, CANADA

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