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Idea starters for you to pick and choose among, or use your own questions:


– School is not life; life is life; how do I/we separate the two?

– How do I/we get through to adulthood unscathed?

How do I/we get the benefits and gifts of ADHD right now?

– How do I/we get quality time unrelated to school?


  • What about that perennial issue of boredom?
  • What happens when a ton of homework doesn’t get done?
  • What happens if the school seems not able to hear my/our concerns?
  • What about anger? From the child/student? From the parent? From the teacher?
  • What if the child says they hate school? Hate the teacher?
  • .
  • What do I do when my child/student has a total meltdown (especially in public)
  • What do I do when overwhelming amounts of energy are going to my child/student?
  • What do I do when I myself have a meltdown?
  • What do I do if my child is not ready for grade one (or the next grade)?
  • What do I do when I’m stymied when I try to help my child/student?
  • What are your own burning questions?
  • What if the child/student makes me so angry I can’t act civilized?
  • Should medications be considered? When? Under what circumstances?
  • What do I do when expert advice from different professionals conflicts?
  • What if there is more than one issue (ADHD plus Learning Disabilities)?
  • What if my spouse feels there is no problem?
  • .
  • Single-channel processing and multiple-channel processing?
  • Linear thinking and simultaneous thinking?
  • Intelligence and speed of processing?
  • .
  • What if I can’t remember what I am supposed to be doing?
  • What if others don’t appreciate my enormous efforts with this child/student?
  • What if others ridicule/scorn my enormous efforts with this child/student?
  • What about nutrition?
  • What if I want to run away (for good)?
  • .
  • What about the most important mineral? (Magnesium, miracle mineral)
  • .
  • What about getting low-cost help? Friends? Neighbors? Grandmothers?
  • Do school report cards indicate the intelligence of the child/student?
  • What about a flipped classroom (venue of lectures/homework reversed)?
  • When should the history/record/file on the child/student be ignored or dropped?
  • When my child/student says, “I hate you,” what do I do? 

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  • Hi Velinda, As a learning specialist for more than 30 years, I have helped many children and adults overcome learning and attention and memory difficulties. – Doc Meek

  • Elaine Castilho:

    What should we do when an ADHD child, with ODD and bipolar, on meds, with behavior therapy and IEP, just cannot behave properly at school or places where other children are around?

  • Hi Elaine, I need more information in order to be helpful to you. Are you the child’s Mom or the child’s teacher? How old is the child and in what grade at school? Is the school a good one? Is the school district in which the school is located a good one? – Doc Meek, South Jordan, Utah, USA, Tues, Sept 30, 2014,

  • Inez:

    Hello I am a 25 year old with ADHD, I don’t take any medication for it because it reacted negatively with my emotions and I struggle with attention and memory I want to attend collage, I finished high school by the skin of my teeth and realized if I want a good job I need to attend collage, I always struggled with paying attention and remembering numbers and facts if I didn’t use them every day, the school I attended was sub-par in learning because it was small and teachers tended to pay attention only to their high ranking and liked students and we were not taught to understand math but were given calculators fit for college and taught which buttons to push to get the answer instead of understanding the math. I fear I am greatly behind in learning and know that will affect my collage experience. what can I do to improve that?

  • Hi Inez, Here are some tips I wrote for another person in relation to their child, but these tips also apply to adults:

    If you are the kind of person who can benefit from reading books, and apply what you read, here are a couple of books you may find helpful (available on, or your local library may have them):

    (1) Healing ADD Revised Edition: The Breakthrough Program that Allows You to See and Heal the 7 Types of ADD; Dec 3, 2013, by Daniel G. Amen

    (2) Disconnected Kids: The Groundbreaking Brain Balance Program for Children with Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, and Other…; Mar 3, 2015, by Dr. Robert Melillo

    Also, you can find a lot of good educational ideas online at:

    There is a specialist at by the name of Bonnie Terry who is terrific with helping with ADD/ADHD and other learning issues. Her own website is:

    You should also consider looking into brainwave entrainment ideas, as it is an effective method of helping kids with ADD/ADHD without the use of drugs. It is electronic help for the brain and is very useful, especially in those cases where one is hesitant to use drugs. See:

    Nutrition is an important issue for children and adults with learning difficulties. Dr Amen has some suggestions in this regard in his book mentioned above.

    Magnesium and B12 deficiencies can significantly contribute to learning problems. These levels can be checked by your doctor. And I can provide helpful suggestions in this regard.
    Here is a link to a discussion about magnesium by Dr. Carolyn Dean, MD, ND:

    Using a high-quality fish oil, or better yet, krill oil, can be very helpful for children and adults with ADD/ADHD.

    Feel free to email me directly: docmeek (at) gmail (dot) com

    Sincerely, Doc Meek

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