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“Gratitude and Learning.” – Doc Meek

Friday, August 13, 2010. I read a report once about all the good and great things that have happened on Friday the 13th. So I have been delighted with Friday the 13th ever since. 😮

Today I am grateful, once again, for Stacey Grewal’s persistence in practicing what she preaches in her book, Gratitude and Goals: Create the Life You Would Love to Live. Pure genius. Who would ever have thought to connect gratitude and goals?

Here’s quick review of Stacey Grewal’s book, from her website: http://www.


Gratitude and Goals: Create the Life You Would Love to Live, by Stacey Grewal

[Stacey] intentionally made this book short and sweet. Everything you need to create the life of your dreams is already locked inside of you. Gratitude and Goals is the key to making it happen.

In just ten to fifteen minutes each day, the Gratitude and Goals Daily Journal will forever change the way you think and feel, and the way you live your life. You will accomplish more in the first thirty days of using it than you ever did before you had a plan of action. It will help you turn any hobby into a career, start a business, earn a degree, find true love, lose twenty (or even 120) pounds, clean the garage, improve your golf game, learn how to play an instrument, read War and Peace or maybe write a book of your own. It can even completely alter your way of life, helping you become a better, more successful and happier person in all areas of your life.

Gratitude and Goals is a two-part book (Book One and Book Two). It is a step-by-step, instructional guide and a daily gratitude, goal setting and personal growth journal, written for the millions who have settled for a mundane life, a mediocre job and ho-hum relationships, but who know they want and deserve more. More happiness, deeper love, greater wealth, better health, heightened spirituality, inner peace and explosive success. It’s for those who want to be the very best they can be and who want to experience all they’ve ever dreamed of. It’s for those who want to feel the throb of passion and purpose in every waking moment, but who have been either too busy or too afraid, or who just haven’t known how to achieve it.

It is for those who have waded through piles of “inspirational” books that promise: “You can have everything!” but who still find themselves eating the boxed macaroni and cheese dinner of life. I don’t know about you, but I’ve found many of the popular “self-help” books to be long on promise, but short on delivery. They fail to create any real, lasting results. Well, I’m happy to tell you that this book is different.

Book One, titled, You Are the Master of Your Today and the Creator of Your Tomorrow is a “how to” manual, spiritual teacher, personal coach and mentor. It is filled with valuable gratitude and goal setting strategies, easy to follow instructions, examples, experience and quick exercises to help you achieve the physical, emotional and spiritual prosperity you desire. It thoroughly explains why gratitude works, what you can do to achieve this remarkable feeling and, most important, how you can use it to confidently set and achieve new long term, short term and daily goals.

Gratitude and Goals is a complete mind, body and spirit system designed to help you increase self-awareness. It will help you identify those things which are running counter to your dreams, then motivate you to become accountable, and committed to changing them. After only a few weeks of working with this program, you will be astonished to find that not only has your overall success rate increased, but you will be on a new path towards enlightenment.

Book Two, The Gratitude and Goals Daily Journal, is a practical, hands-on application for those who want to do more than just talk (or read) about changing. It is a gratitude list, a goal setting journal, a personal growth support system, a to-do list, a memo pad and a progress tracker, with over 120 daily journal-style, fill-in-the-blank pages that you just won’t find in any other book. And it is so easy to use that you are guaranteed to experience real results the very first time you use it. …………………………………………………………………….

Thank you , Stacey!

You inspire me to write my own book, Gratitude and Learning: Create the Brain You Would Love to Have. 😮

Doc Meek, Friday, August 13, 2010, at Nose Hill Public Library in Calgary, Alberta, CANADA

P.S. Can anyone out there (besides Stacey Grewal) help me write my own book, Gratitude and Learning: Create the Brain You Would Love to Have?

I need help to get this book written!!! Help!!!

Or I could write, How to Be Happy Though Desperate, eh? 😮

I’ll need help with that one too!!!



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