“I’m grateful for marriage.” – Doc Meek

Thursday, October 21, 2010. Today I am grateful for my marriage with Jeannette. We are learning to get along, lo these many years. Still learning. 😮

For her recent birthday, I sent her a cake made totally out of flowers. Definitely a low-calorie cake. 😮

 Image from:  http://ww30.1800flowers.com/collection.do?dataset=11307

Our birthdays are close, hers in September and mine about 3 weeks later in October. So the other evening we went out to celebrate both our birthdays.

We had a quiet time at the Cheesecake Restaurant in Northwest Calary, enjoyed butternut squash soup, mushroom and cheese melt soup in a bread-loaf bowel, fish and chips, and yes, for dessert, a shared piece of cheesecake, smothered in red raspberries. 😮

Next moring, at the crack of dawn, Jeannette had to drive from here in Calgary to Edmonton, Alberta (nearly 4 hours north) and catch a flight to Utah for the Synergy Worldwide Summit Meeting.

Great business she’s in! She helps high-risk heart and diabetic patients and enjoys the work!


Thank you, Jeannette, for being a great spouse!

Doc Meek, Thursday, October 21, 2010, at Nose Hill Public Library, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA

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6 Responses to ““I’m grateful for marriage.” – Doc Meek”

  • Mark:

    Collins what are the characteristics of a BORDERLINE PERSONALITY.


  • Jeannette Meek:

    Always hard to leave a beloved spouse behind and travel alone. Love my time with my Eternal Companion. No worries about “learning together” … we have an eternity to get it right! What was (and is) right, from the beginning and onward and forever, is that we are meant for each other. Everything else pales in comparison. I am grateful for a faithful and true friend and companion. One can sleep well knowing that your companion can be trusted with or without you. How do you know? When you know what you know, you sleep well and dream sweet dreams. What more do you need?

  • Hey, Jeannette, This is beautiful. Like you. Your thoughts are so elequent and so valued and loved by me, as are you. Love you, always. Your faithful spouse, Collins (aka Doc)

  • Mark:

    Hello Collins:

    How are you feeling? Hope you are feeling better.

    Email me and tell me how you are coming along on the house.

    Have a website for a remedy for vertigo:christiangoodman.com/vertigodizziness/vd-specialhtm


  • Hi Mark, Good to see you on THE LEARNING CLINIC WORLDWIDE blog again! Thank you for the website on vertigo. I am going to study that and see if it can provide some help for me. I am grateful that you thought of me in this regard. The house reno is going slowly as there are always a hundred little things that need done, not to mention the big stuff, eh? Thank Heaven for our friend Craig, as he and his daughter Madi and her guy Jody are working like angels on overtime to help us get everything finished. The other day they shingled the roof (which had been damaged by hail back on July 12, 2010). Today they built the back fence. Looks great! We were able to get these outside projects done courtesy of the good weather provided by the good Lord. Blessings, Doc

  • Mark, My friend David has kindly provided us with an explanation of BORDERLINE PERSONALITY. I’ll print it below and also send it to you via email in case you are not immediately looking for the answer here in the comment section of THE LEARNING CLINIC WORLDWIDE blog. Blessings, Doc

    “Borderline Personality Disorder is not very well understood by many
    people including professionals. There are several aspects to the
    disorder including unstable emotional experiences and mood changes;
    engaging in self-harm; fears of rejection by, and/or separation from
    significant others; anxiety; depression; low self-esteem; responding
    angrily to minor slights and insults; being verbally, relationally, or
    physically abusive; impulsivity and experiencing disruptions in the flow
    of conscious experience. All this being said and seeming like a terrible
    disorder to have, it is a disorder which can be eliminated or minimized
    with the proper treatment. Borderline Personality Disorder is commonly
    treated with Dialectical Behavioural Therapy. If you are interested, I
    can provide you with more information about that.”

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