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Your Brain Health Lifestyle

A Proactive Program to Preserve Your Life Story

Your Brain Health Lifestyle – Paperback (Mar. 4, 2009) by Dr. Paul Nussbaum

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TUESDAY, MARCH 22, 2011.
Today I am grateful for Dr Paul Nussbaum, who is telling us that brain health needs attention to 5 major necessities:






Dr Nussbaum has written a more recent, less expensive book to encourage you to protect your brain from the often unseen hazards of our modern culture:
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Here is what one reader had to say about this book:
“5 out of 5 stars A good reminder for things we already knew but don’t always follow, April 5, 2010.”
– By Jim Estill (New York) – See all my reviews
“Sometimes when a new book arrives – I cannot wait to read it. Save Your Brain – 5 things you must do to keep your mind young and sharp by Paul David Nussbaum is just such a book. For some reason, I am attracted to books on keeping the mind sharp. For example, I loved Making a Good Brain Great [by Daniel Amen] and Brain Rules [by John Medina].

“I was interested to read in the Globe and Mail that people with advanced Parkinson’s cannot walk but can ride a bicycle. The brain is interesting.

“The book starts with a survey to see how good you are on brain stuff. It includes questions on exercise, diet etc. I was surprised I scored ‘poor.’ Perhaps that is partly because I am a tough self grader but partly because the questions did not allow me to use alternatives that I do that are likely comparable. EG – dancing once per week (which I do not do) is surely comparable to martial arts.

“Of course it has a technical section on how the brain works and what it is. And [a] part convincing me that I need to work on saving my brain.

“The 5 things to do to Save Your Brain:

1 – Socialize. Basic human interaction.
2 – Exercise. 25% of the blood circulation goes to support the brain.
3 – Mental Stimulation. Use it or lose it. Learn something new always. Challenge yourself.
4 – Spirituality. He includes “mental rest” in this category.
5 – Nutrition. The obvious – eat like your mom told you to and use supplements if you cannot. He is also a big advocate of fish oil.

“These are all obvious and not new. He did not emphasize the things not to do (like drugs, alcohol and boxing). It was a good reminder of things I already knew. ”                                          – Jim Estill (New York)

Thank you, Dr Paul Nussbaum, for reminding us to eat like our mothers taught us, have and visit with friends, get a decent sleep, and  get outdoors and actively play or walk briskly, every day if we can!
Doc Meek, Tues, Mar 22, 2011, Sherwood Park, Alberta, CANADA

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