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“60 Gratitudes?” (Letter to a friend) – Doc Meek

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Dear [Friend],

I am grateful for your friendship, Thank you
for sharing your life with me in your last letter.
I am sorry that you have so many challenges.
Thank you for your reminder about Elder
Dieter Uchtdorf’s talk about gratitude in any circumstances!
I used to faithfully write out (type out on
my laptop) “3 Gratitudes” every single day.
Some days I could not think of one single
thing to be grateful for. You can relate!
So I would sit there until I got one Gratitude.
Not just a “should-be-grateful-for” gratitude,
rather a real Heartfelt Gratitude.
Not easy! There were days when I would sit for a long
time before I could come up with something.
Then, when I finally came up with “One Real
Gratitude,” it wasn’t so long until I came up
with my “2nd Real Gratitude” and so on.
One day, when I was absolutely certain sure
that I had nothing, zero, nada to be grateful
for, I sat there just the same, out of habit and
by personal policy. Just sat there.
Finally I came up with Real Gratitude number one.
This took a long long time. Then after awhile Gratitude 2.
Then fairly quickly, Gratitude 3. These were all Real Heartfelt
Amazingly I did not stop at three. By the time
I was finished I had written 60 Heartfelt Gratitudes,
and I was not finished even at that.
I finally stopped simply because I ran out of time!
Sixty gratitudes! Imagine! On a day when I was
absolutely certain sure I had nothing, zero, nada
for which to be grateful.
I wonder why I stopped writing out 3 gratitudes
daily? I should go back to that. I was happier
every day because I followed that practice faithfully.
Kindness, Collins (Doc)
P.S. I am not sure if it was actually 60 Gratitudes
with which I ended up flowing.
Memory can be tricky. Suffice it to say that it was
a very large number of Gratitudes, which flowed
out of nothing. Zero. Nada.
Doc Meek, Sherwood Park, Alberta, CANADA, Fri, May 23, 2014
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