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“What’s the matter with couth?” – Doc Meek

Tuesdy, December 21, 2010. Today I am so grateful for people like Wendy Shalit, who buck the trends created by “fashion” designers who seem to constantly exploit women.

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Girls Gone Mild: Young Women Reclaim Self-Respect and Find It’s Not Bad to Be Good
– Hardcover – Bargain Price (June 26, 2007) by Wendy Shalit

Wendy Shalit’s Girls Gone Mild (2007) is a delight for me because I have been asking for years (in family counseling and public and private contexts of all kinds):

“Why do girls (and women) follow blindly so-called fashion leaders who don’t have the girls (or women’s) best interests at heart?”

More than fifty years ago now, I read in Reader’s Digest this quixotic statement:

“Girls consider boys rude and uncouth when they stare at what they are trying so hard to display.”

I always thought that if girls and women want the respect they so richly deserve, they should happily flout those that demand that they expose themselves with revealing clothing. If you want people to see you as an intelligent person with a great personality, it is not wise to display powerful distractors to the contrary. We are more than sexual beings. We want to cultivate the display of our whole selves, not just a distorted one-sided view.

Of course, we men don’t feel free to say to an intelligent woman in the workplace, or at school, “Your breasts are showing.” What we can say (and I do this where it is appropriate) to a woman who is not flaunting her sexuality: “Thank you for dressing modestly.” This conveys a supportive context for the person without openly criticizing others who are unwittingly presenting themselves in an unhelpful way.

Get Wendy Shalit’s book from your library, or go buy a copy from

Thank you Wendy Shalit!

Doc Meek, Tuesday, December 21, 2010, at my daughter Tanya’s computer, in Sherwood Park, Alberta, CANADA, and later today to be en route from Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA, to South Jordan, Utah, USA.

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