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“Grandchildren are treasures! Merry Christmas!” – Doc & Jeannette Meek

Tuesday, December 25, 2012. Today I am grateful for friends, spouses, significant others, children and grandchildren. And good good memories! – Doc Meek 

Here is a treasured letter I received from one of my grown sons (“All growed up”):

Dear Dad,

Christmas is here again [2012].
I am sitting here, alone yet surrounded, and I think I have some thoughts to pass on. Take them for what they are worth:
(1) Make a big deal about holidays & birthdays.
(2) Give children/grandchildren your unconditional love and support — and at least one big squeeze of a bear hug each time you first see each other.
(3) Play with your children and grandchildren when they are young, regardless of your differences with anyone.
(4) Sing to your children/grandchildren — [even if it’s torture to listen to you wreck perfectly good music]. 😮
(5) Share a laugh when kids make a mistake or spill something. I haven’t yet met anyone who hasn’t spilled something or made a mistake.
(6) Have patience. You will never look back on life and think you were too patient, but the opposite is not so true.
(7) Make your child’s favorite food, from scratch… no matter the inconvenience. Do it often!
(8) Create special family traditions that can be continued for generations, even if you have to be the first generation to do it.
One day all children will spend important moments without you, and he or she will look back and remember everything… and that will be all they have. I’m doing this today.
Your Son
Thank you, Son! You’ve made my day, in many more ways than one!
Doc Meek, Tues, Dec 25, 2012, South Jordan, Utah, USA

Gratitude for good friend Craig Reilly

Humble Man in Prayer 

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010. Today I am grateful to have some time to be writing again. Yesterday I had no time for writing as we (my wife Jeannette and I) were clearning up and repairing a basement suite all day and all evening.

We were blessed to have the invaluable help of our dear friend Craig Reilly. He not only helps with the drudge work, he also solves intricate repair problems and incomprehensible electrical issues.

He is a genius with humility and patience, a rare combination perhaps?

We’ve been friends with Craig and his wife Val “forever.”

How much we are able to learn from our friends, if we let ourselves.

How much they are able to learn from us if they wish to do so.

We can learn without judgment and without blame. Isn’t that what good friends are for? And isn’t that what we need and want from our families at home and from our classrooms at school?

Craig Reilly has helped us with so many projects over so many years, we cannot count the depth and breadth of his service to us. And he gives service with unstinting patience to all, not just to us.

We salute you, Craig, on the mountaintops of achievement and in the valleys of laughter and sorrow.

Here’s to best friends, and best learning, at home and at school.

Doc Meek, Tuesday, August 17, 2010, at Calgary, Alberta, CANADA


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