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Learning and Changing the Meek Way

“Dr. Meek brings a unique blend of warmth, intelligence and humor to everything he does.” – Calgary PROFILE Magazine

I glow when I see that comment about me and my work.

I also cringe.


I cringe because I remember when I read this nice statement to myself once, my inner critic said:

“Always??? You bring these glorious attributes to everything???” Well, my inner critic had me there, didn’t he?

I have to confess that there is enough truth in this journalist’s statement about me and my work that it challenges me to live up to it. And I must confess also that I have trotted this statement out publicly on occasion when it seemed appropriate to do so. Thus,  I am faced, just as you are, with trying to “walk my talk” or “practice what I preach,” even when it is someone else commenting about my work in helping children to overcome learning difficulties.

So how does this apply to learning?

My last name, “Meek,” in English means approximately: humble, teachable, open to new learning, angerless.

Since I am a “knowledge sponge” those meanings appeal to me! I want to try to live up to my name.

I want to learn how to live up to my name and also live the journalist’s kind statement . . . all the time.

And not “blow up” and “yell” when I am challenged by circumstances . . . ever.

Then I remember that what I really want is not to set myself up for certain failure. I want to make progress, not strive for elusive perfection (and then fall into despair when I slip, even just a little, even just once).

That’s what I teach my clients.

So we simply eliminate the word “always” and “never” from our vocabularies.


Because if I say, “I will always be warm, intelligent and humorous,” I’m a complete failure the first minute I frown, growl or yell. Ditto if I say, “I will never get angry.”

So we all together learn to change slowly by telling ourselves, and each other, over and over again:

“Progress, not perfection.”

More in another posting about setting and keeping high goals. Or maybe about  setting and keeping low goals.

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