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Brain nutrients: Sunlight, Oxygen, Laughter (SOL)

False fad of sunshine avoidance

“Sol” was the name the Romans used for the sun. This basic for life was worshiped by them.

We don’t need to worship the sun; we do need to stop avoiding it.

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A false fad–yes, false fad–has grown up in our culture in recent years. Some misleading and misguided “scientific studies” seemed to show that sunlight causes melanoma (serious form of skin cancer). Trouble is, most melanoma is on the body in unexposed areas, and the people with the most melanoma are in northern sun-starved climates and working in sunless indoor environments.

Worse, the commercial sunblock we have been told to slather on contains carcinogenic (cancer causing) ingredients. How’s that for utter irony, eh? Sure enough, as sun avoidance climbed, and sunblock sales climbed, so did skin cancer rates. Wow. Talk about being sold a bill of goods by “science.”

We could be using harmless substances, such as zinc oxide, to very effectively screen us from sunburn (which can be problematic, and can indeed tend towards possible skin cancer later). However, no one wants to slather on stuff that makes them look like a ghost or a whitewashed statue. Apparently there are some natural non-carcinogenic sunblocks. Not easy to find. Some could be fake “natural” maybe? 😮

So let’s get it straight, once and for all: sunlight does not cause cancer; sunburn can.

So let’s get out in the sunlight and fresh air and walk and talk and laugh as often as we can. And leave our glasses off. We’ll use a hat instead. We need “raw sunlight” (no glasses) to get the full health benefits of “fresh sunlight.”

(We simply have to remember not to stay out too long and get sunburned, OK?)

We can walk in the rain.

And leave our umbrellas behind. Just kidding. 😮

My recipe for good brain function?

A qualified environmental neurologist told me the other day that SOL directly affects for good 14 body systems and subsystems that we desperatively–that’s my word :o–need to function for good health. I believe him.

SOL? Sunlight, Oxygen, Laughter. 😮

Cheap, effective and right at hand, eh?

So let’s go get some SOL! 😮

Doc Meek, Friday, June 11, 2010

At Sherwood Park, Alberta, CANADA; not at South Jordan, Utah, USA

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