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Year-end tips for secondary teachers, from Melissa Kelly

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Monday, June 3, 2013, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA

Today I am grateful for Melissa Kelly, Your Guide to Secondary Education, who sends me great newsletters with valuable tips and all kinds of great help for teachers. – Doc Meek

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From Melissa Kelly, your Guide to Secondary Education
As the year comes to an end, teachers will be left with a couple of days to ‘checkout’ of their classroom before they begin their summer vacation in earnest.
End of the Year Checklist 

Schools typically give teachers a list of what they have to do before they can be released for the summer. However, this typically does not cover everything that a teacher needs to remember before they hand in their keys and leave. This list includes both the obvious and less obvious items that teachers need to make sure that they complete before they head out for summer break.
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Dealing With End of the Year Stress 

Finding this time of year stressful? This article looks at ways to combat end of the year stress. Enjoy and relax.
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How is Teaching Like Pregnancy 

If you want a laugh, read this article to find out how being a teacher is like giving birth every year!
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Teaching Seniors 

There is a certain attitude in high schools that Senior teachers often get off easy. Typically, their students finish sooner than the rest of the school. Further, the worst behaved students have often times left school for good by that point. Despite these positives, teaching Seniors is not always a bed of roses.
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