“Thank you, Mom!” – Your Grown Up Son


Friday, December 28, 2o12. Today we are grateful (again) for children and grandchildren. – Doc & Jeannette Meek

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“Merry Christmas, Mom!!! I love you & God Bless!”

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Here’s a touching tribute to his Mom from one of my grown up Sons.

Moms sometimes wait years for this kind of ROI (Return on Investment):

Dear Mom,
Thank you for two baby blankets when the other babies had just one.
Thank you for posing for a picture with me (as an infant, peacefully sucking my pacifier/soother) in your arms and you in the brown chair. Thank you even more for the re-enactment picture 17 years later while I borrowed my nephew’s soother. 😮
Thank you for the leg rubs.
Thank you for singing to me at night and tucking me in. And really, how much is that doggie in the window? Did we ever get a price? Also, the people here refuse to tuck me in and tell me everything is going to be okay. I still need you.
Thank you for “Green Eggs & Ham” and “Go, Dogs, Go!”
Thank you for banana cream pie and chocolate chip cookie dough. Thank you for new pajamas every Christmas Eve. Thank you for playing Scrabble with me. Thank you for homemade Christmas stockings and a mandarin orange in the toe of it every year.
Thank you for the cold compresses on my forehead when I was sick. Thank you for my basketball shoes every year (even though you couldn’t afford them). Thank you for Spirals, grilled cheese sandwiches and hot maple syrup on my pancakes/waffles/French toast.
Thank you for my intelligence and good looks. 😉
Thank you for the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny who hid candy everywhere so I had to hunt for it. Thank you for apple crisp, buns and cinnamon buns.
Thank you for showing me the importance of children and selflessness. Thank you for not swearing. Thank you instead for: “Oh Grief! And Oh Hang!” I will always laugh when I hear them. I wish that’s all I uttered when everything fell apart in my life.
Thank you for making each of your children feel so important and special — even though I was your favorite (lol).
Thank you for being a teacher. Thank you for going back to school to finish your degree. Thank you for being a 2nd mom to my friends. Thank you for letting me take you out for Chinese food. Thank you for always loving me, even when I disappointed you. Thank you for hugging me when I needed it… and also when I didn’t know I did. Thank you for your patience with me.
Thank you for the happy “Welcome Home” signs every time I returned home for a visit. Thank you for everything Mom!
Merry Christmas! I love you!
Love, Your Son
Thank you, Son!
Doc Meek, Fri, Dec 28, 2012, South Jordan, Utah, USA

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