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“Why we dance…” – Marijo Moore

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“Everyone” frequently reminds us that the movement of the body is essential for good health. We interpret this to mean exercise and we often shy away from “exercise” as it is not engaging for us.

Guess what?

Dancing gives us great body movement and it can be very engaging!

– Doc Meek, Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada, March 11, 2019

P.S. Here is Marijo Moore, reminding us that dance can be for “everyone”:

“To dance is to pray,

to pray is to heal,

to heal is to give,

to give is to live,

to live is to dance.”

—MariJo Moore

Why We Dance

Think and Do! – Doc Meek

Hood Canal Cabin sits well above the beach

on four 24″ roundpilings and features a

retractable stair for security.

Ray C. Freeman III, Seattle.


Think and Do! – Doc Meek

I’ve been planning to build a “safe” house for many years.

By “safe” I mean free of radon and man-made chemicals.

This is not easy to do in our culture (Canada & USA).


My wife Jeannette says, “Stop planning and researching

and start building!”


“I could have built the house and torn it down and re-built

it better 3 times while you are still planning and researching!” :O)


Learning by Doing


Academics in public education and universities would

Do well to heed my wife Jeannette!


This reminds me of my credo: “True education connects

the “4-H’s” of Learning: HEAD/HEART/HANDS/HOPE.


Read Taylor Halverson’s article in the Deseret News:

“Learning by doing, not just by reading and listening.”


The irony comes if you just read Taylor Halverson and

don’t think of a way to do some actual doing with your

kids (“hands on” and with “heart”), say with their

homework, in contrast to just reading.


Some call it “experiential learning,” a great way to

actually really learn (and remember the learning!).


Mesa, Arizona, actually does it

Because “learning by doing” tends to be underdone in

high schools, my dear friend Dr Keith Crandell helped

Arizona build specialty larger-area school districts which

overlay a group of high schools so that the students can

have great access to highly-developed “learning by doing”




Recognized by TIME Magazine as “learning that works.”


  • Doc Meek, Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

Friday, Sept 2, 2016

“Pain felt at depth = freedom.” – Michael Bradford

Monday, December 20, 2010. Today I am grateful (again) for books and for gentle energetic therapist [non-touching massage therapist] Michael Bradford. If you missed my previous post on Michael Bradford, here it is: “All learning is a process.” – Michael Bradford

Product Details
The Healing Energy of Your Hands
– Paperback (Sept. 1, 1995) by Michael Bradford
Buy new: $14.99 $10.19; 35 new from $5.99; 53 used from $2.07
Michael Bradford makes an astonishing discovery (recorded on p. 127 of his 1993 book, The Healing Energy of Your Hands):
“In my experience, if someone is willing to breathe into and feel the depth of their [emotional] pain for even one second, the energy of the [previous] trauma and the blockage will be released.”
“I have experienced many peole who were petrified and in terror of facing an issue or memory. In most cases, once they have confronted the issue they are able to move quickly through it, usually within minutes.”
“One woman, Phyllis, although she knew she needed help and wanted me to work with her, avoided scheduling a session for a year.”
“When she finally did [arrive for a therapy session], she was almost hysterical with fear. Once she allowed me to start working with her [without touching her], the breakthrough took only minutes.”
“She could not believe that the issue that had controlled her life for almost thirty years took only minutes to heal.”
Thank you, Michael Bradford, for teaching us in your book how to do this!
Doc Meek, Monday, December 20, 2010, at my daughter Tanya’s computer, in Sherwood Park, Alberta, CANADA.

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