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“Final day for the Big Back to School Giveaway.” – Pat Wyman

Here’s the reminder from Pat Wyman of Last day of Big Back to School Giveaway 2014! – Doc Meek

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Pat Wyman of

Dear Doc,

Today, Sept. 30th, is the final day for the Big Back to School Giveaway at Big Back to School Giveaway 2014.
We’re grateful to the Office Depot Foundation for their donations to this program, as well as the Deck and Headset from Sol Republic, and all the back to school items from our Experts.
You’ll find complimentary:
  • videos from the World’s Fastest Reader on speed learning, memory, reading and more
  • Awaken the Scholar Within Program
  • SOS Organization Binder
  • Complimentary Consultations .
  • 30 Minute ADHD Consultations
  • Digital Book on Feelings
  • Academic GamePlan complete student excellence programs
  • Invite-Only Complimentary Kindle Best-Selling Author Course
So head on over and enjoy all the Complimentary Items this year and let all your friends know about the Big Back to School Giveaway at


The Center for New Discoveries in Learning, Inc., 4535 W. Sahara Ave., Suite 200, Las Vegas, NV 89102


“Nominate your favorite school for a $3,000 gift.” – Pat Wyman,

30 Minute ADHD Consultations

Amazing GradesToday I am grateful (again) for Pat Wyman’s enduring educational leadership, both in person and in her famous website. – Doc Meek, Wed, Sept 25, 2013, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA 

Here’s another huge FREE gift announcement from Pat Wyman of

Hi Doc Meek,
I am so glad that you are one of our Amazing Grades Contributing Authors!


Enter to win $3,000 in school supplies and the Amazing Grades book for your favorite school 

The URL (LINK) for the website for this contest is:

Nordic Naturals, the #1 fish oil company in the U.S., is sponsoring the What’s Essential(TM) School Supplies Giveaway September 20 – October 31, 2013.

One lucky school will win $3,000 for school supplies, while the first 500 schools to enter will receive a copy of Pat Wyman’s best-selling book, Amazing Grades: 101 Best Ways to Improve Your Grades Faster for their school library.

To enter your favorite elementary, middle, or high school, click here.

Why is an omega-3 supplement company concerned about kids, schools, and education, you might ask?
Click this image to enter your school

Nordic Naturals, a global company based in Watsonville, CA, is committed to giving each generation what it needs to grow healthy and strong. That begins with exceptionally pure and fresh omega oils–essential for optimal health at any age.

Omega-3 fish oils are especially critical for children and students because of the many ways they support brain health.

In Amazing Grades, contributor Dr. Keri Marshall, Chief Medical Officer for Nordic Naturals, writes:

“Recent research suggests that the brain’s frontal lobe, which is associated with impulse control, planning, organization, and decision-making abilities, continues to grow well into a person’s twenties.

“We need all those skills to succeed in life, but especially to succeed in school.”

Dr. Marshall goes on to explain that extensive clinical research shows that the omega-3 essential fatty acids found in fish oil help nourish the brain and offer key benefits in these areas.

Unfortunately, Americans of all ages consume too few omega-3s, found in cold-water fish like salmon and sardines.
This problem is made worse by the fact that most people also consume too many omega-6s–essential fatty acids that compete for space with omega-3s in our cells and contribute to poor health. Omega-6 fatty acids are found in processed foods and in vegetable oils like corn and soy found in so many of the foods we eat.

“This imbalance in the ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fats,” Dr. Marshall says in Amazing Grades, “can promote inflammation and may contribute to a variety of health problems, including attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, autism spectrum disorders, and other behavioral and psychological issues.

The good news, Dr. Marshall says, is that a growing number of studies indicate that omega-3 fatty acids can have powerful, positive effects throughout the body, including in the brain.
Click the image to enter your school
Some of the impressive findings include:

Attention and Behavior: In a University of South Australia clinical study, 132 children with ADHD between the ages of 7 and 12 who were not on medication were given fish oil capsules. At the end of the study, they were calmer, less impulsive, and showed improvements in attention, behavior, and vocabulary.

Higher Grades and Test Scores: Studies show that just the simple addition of cold-water fish to the diet once a week improves grades and leads to higher scores on intelligence tests.

Learning and Literacy: Improvements in verbal learning and spelling, better information retention, and even taking fewer sick days from school were some of the outcomes noted in a group of children who regularly took omega-3 fish oil supplements. That research was conducted with 355 children between the ages of 7 and 12.

Memory and Problem Solving: During pregnancy, mothers preferentially transfer their own stores of omega-3 to their developing babies. “Researchers have found that children whose mothers consumed enough of these healthy fats while pregnant are more likely to score higher on tests of memory function,” Dr. Marshall writes, “while other evidence suggests that babies who receive formula supplemented with EPA and DHA do better at problem-solving tasks than their peers.”

Lasting Benefits: Research also supports the fact that taking omega-3s has lasting cognitive benefits. Eighteen-year-olds who ate more fish at 15 outperformed their non-fish eating counterparts on tests of combined intelligence, verbal performance, and visiospatial performance.

Dr. Marshall summarizes, in Amazing Grades, “Studies like these demonstrate just how important it is to get omega-3s throughout childhood and adolescence. Yet most people aren’t getting anywhere near what they should. That’s why I and many health care experts recommend supplementing with omega-3s in the form of fish oil (algae oil if you’re vegetarian).”

Dr. Marshall recommends Nordic Naturals award-winning supplements for children because of their exceptional purity and freshness, delivery systems kids enjoy (gummies, chewable soft gels and liquids), and great taste.

To read more of Dr. Marshall’s article, enter your school in the Nordic Naturals What’s Essential School Supplies Giveaway and win a copy of Pat Wyman’s best-selling book Amazing Grades for your school library!

PatPat Wyman
Founder,  (707) 837 8180
Best selling author, Amazing GradesSpelling Made Easy and more – Amazon Author Page
College Professor for teachers”Be ashamed to die before you have won some victory for humanity.” Horace Mann”There are two ways to live your life; one as if nothing is a miracle, and the other as if everything is a miracle.”  Albert Einstein
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Thank you Pat Wyman and!

Doc Meek, Wed, Sept 25, 2013, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA

30 Minute ADHD Consultations

“I can read!” – Doc Meek

reading photo: MARLEY READING 732.jpgImage from:

Today I am full of gratitude that I live in a literacy culture. I am so glad that my mother learned to read as a child. She is 95 years old now and can’t do many things, but she still enjoys reading! Even when she’s confined to her bed. – Doc Meek

This is your Newsletter from Pat Wyman
Re:  Fix the most common reading problem in 5 minutes
Dear Doc,
Today’s article is from our reading expert, Bonnie Terry, of
Kids that take a long time to read or do their homework typically actually have a reading problem known as reading fluency problems whether they have a learning disability, dyslexia, or ADHD. In fact even kids that are gifted can even have reading fluency problems.

In all my years as a learning disability specialist and educational therapist I can easily say that about 95% of the students I’ve seen in my 35+ years of teaching kids with reading problems have had reading fluency problems. Reading fluently describes how a skilled reader reads aloud.

Let me give you an example…I met Jason in March; he was in 4th grade.  He had brown straight hair and a great smile, although he didn’t smile very often then. He was floundering; it took what seemed like ‘forever’ to read. He repeated, skipped, and substituted words when he read, too. It was painful to listen to his stilted repetitive reading.  His classmates were zooming right past him. His mom Kate was losing sleep over what to do and how to help him. She had already been told by the school that Jason would most likely be held back.

Kate, at a loss for what to do contacted me and told me what was going on. First I reassured her that there was much that she could do as a parent to help Jason. Then we got started.

I knew we needed to work quickly to get his reading level up so that he wouldn’t be held back. One of the keys to Jason’s improvement was reading fluency training which helped him to sound out words more quickly and read accurately without repeating, skipping or substituting words. By the end of his third session of specific fluency activities he had already improved his reading speed and accuracy. Within several days he went from 30 words per minute to 60 words per minute. His confidence soared.

What Causes Reading Fluency Problems

Reading problems are typically due to a combination of learning skills, areas of perception, that aren’t working as well as they could, should, and can. And you can have a reading problem without having dyslexia or a learning disability.

So, what specifically was going on with Jason?

Jason did not have an actual learning disability or dyslexia. What Jason did have was a variety of areas of perception (visual, auditory, and tactile/kinesthetic) that weren’t working as well as they could have been which impacted his ability to read fluently.

Jason was very bright; he just couldn’t read quickly enough to gain meaning from what he read. So, to improve both Jason’s speed of reading and his comprehension, a major component of what we did was reading fluency training which improved his speed, accuracy, and comprehension as well as the areas of perception that were not working as well as they should have.
Continue reading here for:

The Most Important Activity A Parent Can Do to Boost Reading

Pat Wyman, The Center for New Discoveries in Learning, Inc., 4535 W. Sahara Ave., Suite 200, Las Vegas, NV 89102Unsubscribe | Change Subscriber Options

“What? Me disorganized?” – Doc Meek

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Today I am full of gratitude for disorganization! It gives us a chance to learn to create order out of chaos. – Doc Meek
This is your Newsletter from Pat Wyman:
Today: In her continuing series, our expert Susan Kruger of has a new article for you about organization and how to make is simpler for your child or student.
Dear Doc,
Disorganization is one of the top complaints I hear from parents and educators.
Teachers tell many stories about students who fail classes because they lack the organizational skills to keep track of their assignments.

School counselors and psychologists tell about the huge number of students referred to them for suspected learning disabilities, only to discover that a large percentage of these students simply lack organizational skills.

Parents are totally dismayed because they try to keep everything organized, but they aren’t at school to oversee organization, when it seems to matter most.

Why Is This Happening?

There are three main reasons students have trouble staying organized:

  1. They have too much “stuff.”  Most students have 12 to 16 different folders and notebooks to keep track of across a whole lot of transitions: from home, in the car/bus, to school, in the locker, back into the book bag, into class, back to the locker, and then home again.  (Elementary students may only have a half dozen folders, but that’s still five more than they should have!)

  1. Everything looks alike.  When those folders and notebooks are stacked in the locker or book bag, they all look the same!

  1. Any time students are managing papers, they are in a hurry.  Whether they are rushing out of class at the end of an hour, rushing from their locker at the end of the day, or rushing to finish their homework at home, they are always in a hurry.

Read the full article here:

Let’s Relate This to Our Lives as Adults

Imagine having 12 to 16 different email accounts to maintain every day.  Imagine if you were expected to log into each account several times each day, respond to emails and retrieve old/sent emails at the snap of a finger?  It would be overwhelming to transition between them quickly.

This is what students deal with every day, managing so many different school supplies.  They have the added burden of managing these materials across several daily transitions.  Teachers have good intentions when they ask students to maintain a separate folder and notebook for their class; they think that separate supplies will make it easier for students to keep science papers organized in the science folder and math papers organized in the math folder.

However, this traditional system is actually creating the problem.  The sheer volume of folders and notebooks (not to mention textbooks and workbooks) makes it hard for students to find the right ones, especially when they are in a hurry!

As a result, students haphazardly throw papers the first place they can.  Later, they have no idea what they did with their papers.  Papers can be anywhere…
Pat Wyman, The Center for New Discoveries in Learning, Inc., 4535 W. Sahara Ave., Suite 200, Las Vegas, NV 89102


Thank you, Pat Wyman and Susan Kruger!

Doc Meek, Saturday, August 31, 2013, at Sherwood Park, Alberta, CANADA

“Learning Personality Tests are Important.” – Pat Wyman

Today I am full of gratitude for the differences in student personality.  – Doc Meek, Sat, Aug 17, 2013, Sherwood Park, Alberta, CANADA

There are 8 learning personality types. Find out which ones your kids are and coach them toward greater school success.

Image from:

“Parents, teachers and tutors worldwide are raving about our award-winning Playbook for Learning.” – Jen Lilienstein

This is our guest Newsletter from Pat Wyman. Thank you, Pat!

Today: Why Learning Personality Tests are Important
Dear Doc,
Our Learning Personality expert and author, Jennifer Lilienstein, tells why learning personality tests are important in her most recent article.
In high school and adulthood, we often look to personality tests for information about who we are or to discover why a loved one or colleague acts a certain way, but there are many reasons why learning personality tests are important in elementary school.
Susan Cain’s book Quiet highlighted just how important the introvert-extrovert dichotomy is, but there are many other personality type facets that are equally important.
1. Administering learning personality tests at the beginning of the school year can help teachers create richer, stronger relationships more quickly with students because they have a greater insight into who the child is and what interests him most.
And as Piaget, Vygotsky, Dewey, Czikszentmihalyi, Renzulli, Gardner, all the way through brain-based educators like Sousa and Willis have been saying for decades, affective education–or education that creates an emotional response in learners–is the most effective education.
2. It may not always be obvious to a teacher which children would score as introverts or extroverts on learning personality tests. Knowing this can help a teacher identify which kids naturally think out loud versus the kids that prefer to reflect first before contributing to a discussion.  One of the things I come across most often in my interactions with both parents and teachers is a misunderstanding of what an introvert truly is.
Parents will say things like “my child is extroverted–she just takes some time to warm up” or teachers will report, “that child is clearly an extrovert–he is by no means a loner at recess or during lunch.” The difference between extrovert and introvert is much more in line with how kids recharge their batteries. Does he draw his energy from groups of people or alone time? If he is the former, he is an extrovert, while if he is the latter, he is an introvert.
3. Knowing whether your child scores as a judger (slow-and-steady wins the race personality type) or perceiver (energized by deadlines personality type) on learning personality tests can help you play to their strengths from both organizational and time management perspectives and turn homework headaches into study success.
At a high level, judgers perform better with outboxes and day timers, while perceivers do best with inboxes and at-a-glance calendars. But the differences go even deeper than this and have been studied by social scientists for decades.
4. Getting a sense of how your class as a whole prefers to learn can help teachers plan or seek out curriculum that will engage and motivate their current class mix. It’s easy–and free–to administer learning personality tests for your whole class in the computer lab in under 30 minutes by using a tool like Kidzmet’s preference profile.
While there are a variety of ways to stretch students beyond their comfort levels, most of these techniques are based upon meeting learners where they are academically. Using temperament to differentiate instruction can take these insights a step further and provide you with a framework for curriculum upon which you can design more engaging lesson plans… read more here…
Pat Wyman, The Center for New Discoveries in Learning, Inc., 4535 W. Sahara Ave., Suite 200, Las Vegas, NV 89102


“Pat Wyman leads again.” – Doc Meek

Tuesday, May 13, 2013. Today, once again, I have great gratitude for the learning leadership of Pat Wyman and her trusted website,  Thank you for this guest post, Pat! – Doc Meek, Sherwood Park, Alberta, CANADA

Summer Education tools
Are your kids excited by the idea of summer school? Ours aren’t. Let your kids enjoy their summer AND stay sharp in their studies with the help of Time4Learning,VocabularySpellingCityTime4Writing, and Science4Us! These online educational tools offer a fun way to carry learning momentum into the summer.

Click on any image below for more details about summer program options.
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Have a Productive Summer!

“Best Educational Websites 2013.” – Pat Wyman

Tuesday, February 5, 2013. Today I am grateful for both sunshine and snow. 😮 – Doc Meek, South Jordan, Utah, USA

Guest post from our friend and colleague, Pat Wyman, of
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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dear Doc,
New for 2013 – has just published the Top 101 Best Educational Websites 2013. Our team reviewed each and every one and you can bookmark the guide as your go-to resource all year long!
This guide has 101 of our favorite, most highly recommended educational sites including:
  • Time4Learning
  • Grockit
  • MathWithoutBorders
  • ABookinTime
  • FamilyTimeFitness
  • Educents
  • Learni st
  • TutorZ
  • Curriki
  • Ck12
  • RedWagonTutorials
  • eTap
  • CollegeInfo

Visit the Top 101 Best Educational Websites 2013

View The Best Educational Websites Here
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“How grateful we are . . . ” – Pat Wyman

Tuesday, November 20, 2012. Today I am grateful for the Thanksgiving message of gratitude that Pat Wyman sent, so I am passing the joy on to you.  – Doc Meek 

Pat Wyman's profile photo

From Pat Wyman

Dear Doc,
As we approach the Thanksgiving and Holiday season, we want to let you know how grateful we are for you and your many visits with us at
It’s beautiful and very inspirational – something to watch as a gentle reminder all through the year to express our gratitude and love for one another.
Even though you may not celebrate Thanksgiving on the same day we do here in the U.S. we send you our thanks and appreciation to you always wherever you live.
Pat Wyman

The Center for New Discoveries in Learning, Inc., 4535 W. Sahara Ave., Suite 200, Las Vegas, NV 89102


Thank you, Pat Wyman, for all you do for learners and teachers and parents all over the world! 

Doc Meek, Tues, Nov 20, 2012, Sherwood Park, Alberta, CANADA






J. Collins Meek, Ph.D. (Doc Meek)

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More on heart health:

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Virtual Parenting Conference Oct 22-26, Pat Wyman,

From Pat Wyman and, a Virtual Parenting Conference (no airfare, no hotel bills & no road trip). – Doc Meek

Click on this link:

Are you ready to improve your child’s grades, solve learning challenges, get life skills strategies and find out the latest research in techniques in the parenting field?

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If you answered yes to even one of the questions above then the Virtual Parenting Conference is for you.

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Virtual Parenting Conference 2012!

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“How will the

Virtual Parenting Conference

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If you have ever been to a conference you already know that you have to travel, pay lots of money, and pay for a babysitter. Just the cost of gas alone these days can be daunting let alone air fare.

The Virtual Parenting Conference solves that and lets you call in and ask experts questions whenever you feel like it. You can participate in the live events, or listen in later and email your questions to the experts.

Are you ready for dose of parenting support and wisdom? Do you need some real guidance to help your child succeed but don’t have the time to travel to a conference?

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“What will I learn at the

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Encourage your child to make high quality decisions.

    • Learn the best leadership tips that every parent wants their child to have
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    • How to motivate your kids to succeed academically. (End the homework nightmare plus expert tricks and tips to help your child focus!)
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    • Acclaimed ebooks and expert audios. (Extra gifts and prizes just for registering today!)
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Get support from Parenting Experts, Medical Doctors, Learning Experts and Therapists while gaining peace-of-mind, confidence, and healthy family relationships!

Scroll down to see all the presenters’ photos, profiles, and topics.

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Thank you, Pat Wyman and, for bringing us such an incredible Virtual Parenting Conference at such an incredibly low $8.95 investment!

Doc Meek, Oct 21, 2012, Sherwood Park, Alberta, CANADA

“What if you are smarter than you think?”

J. Collins Meek, Ph.D. (Doc Meek)
Trusted Learning/Teaching Guide
[“Everyone” says: “Fun to work with.”]


CANADA: Dr. Meek (587) 400-4707, Edmonton, AB

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More on heart health:

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“The great teacher giveaway–time sensitive.” – Pat Wyman,

Thursday, September 20, 2012.

Today I am grateful (once again!) for Pat Wyman, of, for her ongoing educational leadership! I got another great email from Pat yesterday.  – Doc Meek 

Pat Wyman

Pat Wyman

America’s Most Trusted Learning Expert, founder of and best selling author of Instant Learning for Amazing Grades and Learning vs. Testing

This is a special newsletter from
Re: The great teacher giveaway
Dear Doc,

I am rushing this email to you today for TWO reasons:

1. There is a time limit – you have to act fast to take advantage of the free resources

2. I want you to benefit from these resources now that term has already started

as we just got notice of a HUGE pile of teacher resources (worth $200)

which you can claim for free right now.

Go here to claim your free classroom management and student engagement resources

Just click on the link above and watch the video at my co-author’s Rob Plevin’s site.
I hope you enjoy the resources (there are actually some extras in addition to those listed – it’s quite a package!)
Professor Pat Wyman

The Center for New Discoveries in Learning, Inc., 4535 W. Sahara Ave., Suite 200, Las Vegas, NV 89102


Thank you Pat Wyman, of!

Doc Meek, Thursday, Sept 20, 2012, Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada, and South Jordan, Utah, USA

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