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“Weird tip to shed fat after the holidays.” ~ Pat Wyman

Tuesday, December 28, 2010. Today I am grateful for Pat Wyman, and her willingness to share what she learns with the rest of us.


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Today:  Weird Tip To Shed Fat After The Holidays

Dear Doc,

If you’re like most of us, you’ve probably had a little trouble
keeping the weight off over the holidays…

Could be that your excess ‘baggage’ is all over, or maybe
just in certain areas like your belly – or maybe just your
hips or thighs like me…

And like anything else you’ve been struggling with, you
might suspect that there is something out there that could
help that you just don’t know about yet…

After all, you know that diets just don’t work-

-and all that treadmill exercise is way too boring and takes
too much time-

-and any weight you do lose ends up right back on your body
once you’re forced to stop the crazy dieting and exercise

Am I right?  I thought so…

…then I know you’re going to be happy to hear more about
this UNIQUE NEWS story I just finished reading:

The facts are, a formerly overweight Michigan couple LOST
OVER 101 POUNDS of fat in just a few months by stumbling on
this 1 weird trick that burns fat for 3 FULL DAYS from just
15 minutes…

…yeah, that’s what I thought too, it DOES sound amazing!

You can even see their before and after pics on their website
right here: (make sure your speakers are turned on as Rob starts
speaking when you get to the site)

But here are the other important facts from this unusual
story you’ll want to know about first:

1. They did it by enjoying delicious foods several times a
day, EVERY DAY, never hungry a minute…

2. They DID NOT do one minute of ‘cardio’ exercise, but
still lowered their resting heart rate and developed the
near-boundless energy of a spry teenager…

3. In addition to the weight loss, he lost nearly 10 INCHES
OF BELLY FAT, and she dropped 8 DRESS SIZES, going from a 12
to a 4…

4. They did this all while doing almost the EXACT OPPOSITE
of what most fitness experts have been teaching us for

I did not repost the full story in this newsletter, but you’re
probably already wondering about all the other details…
don’t worry-

-you’re going to learn everything you need to know
(including the inspiring before and after pics) at Rob’s
website, right here: (make sure your speakers are turned
on as Rob starts speaking when you get to the site)

Rob even shows you the 5 BIG MISTAKES you’ve probably
been making trying to lose the weight, among all the tricky
little details of their fascinating, life-changing discovery.
Enjoy, and you’ll thank me later 😉

To your health and fitness,

Pat Wyman
P.S. I lost 10 pounds recently!

The Center for New Discoveries in Learning, Inc., 4535 W. Sahara Ave., Suite 200, Las Vegas, NV 89102 …………………………………………………………….

Thank you, Pat Wyman, for sharing your secrets with us for shedding fat after the holidays!

Doc Meek, Tuesday, December 28, 2010, at my own computer in South Jordan, Utah, USA

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